Three Scary Studies Show Why You Should Go Offline

The longer I’ve been online, the less desire I have to be online. Sure, I still love to write articles, interact with like-minded people and do some social media. But my desire, especially for the last one, is shrinking. All I really want to do more of is to go offline.


Photo by Mira Bozhko on Unsplash

This isn’t surprising with new, scary research results constantly showing how bad being online is for us. I started diving into this already a few months back when I wrote When did we stop talking to each other?  for Psychology Today. Now, over the last few weeks, I’ve become aware of three more studies which again show why we should spend more time offline. Let’s dive straight into their findings.

1. Leaving your smartphone outside your bedroom makes you happier.

This study found that leaving your phone outside your bedroom improves your happiness, mental-wellbeing and quality of life in just a week’s time. How amazing is that?! So if you want to feel happier in a relatively short amount of time, this is one easy fix you can do. I was thrilled to read this as this is a practice my fiance and I have already had for quite some time and we have loved it from day one. Now I want to encourage you to do the same – for obvious reasons!

2. Facebook, Instagram and Telegram are the apps that drive the most unhappiness in you.

How’s that for a reality check on using your social media? This research found that these three apps drove the most unhappiness amongst all the apps we use. I can see why. Facebook and Instagram are infamous for making you feel less worthy when looking at other people’s success stories and driving an unhealthy, obsessive habit of comparing posts and likes. Telegram, which is a messaging app similar to Whatsapp, is sure to drive your unhappiness if you’re letting it distract you with its notifications throughout the day and if people are sending messages rather than calling you up to talk about the things that matter. Do yourself a favour and limit your time on all of these. You won’t regret it.

3. You spend, on average, 24 hours every week online.

At least in the USA, according to this study. How blimming scary is that? Imagine if you freed up even one-fourth of that and you’d have six more hours every week to do something you truly love. Sure, this includes being online for work but the same study said we spend 17 hours of our time at home also online. This has got to change. What happened to the days when we used to meet people face-to-face? Sit in the park and just enjoy the sunshine? Read a book for hours? It’s time to bring all of those things back.

These reasons, alongside many other similar ones, are why my fiance and I are having an unplugged wedding in a few weeks time. We’ve asked our guests to leave their smartphones behind, not take any photos and not share anything about the wedding on social media.

Why? Because we want people to be present. We want people to enjoy it fully. We want people to talk to each other – not to their phones. It’s been interesting watching different people react to this in different ways but 90% of our guests are thrilled about it – as are we. After all, if you can’t be offline at a wedding, when on earth can you?

With that, I wish you good luck in your adventures & until next time!

Sending you light & love,

x Susanna :)

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