Dear Reader,

When I started my journey as The Happyologist eight years ago, I had no idea what an amazing adventure it would be.

That’s thanks to you.

Your emails, your messages of support, and your participation in my coaching, workshops, talks, and e-courses have all been a real blessing on this journey. They have all been special in their own way and for that, I’m incredibly grateful. They will forever hold a special place in my heart.

But today, the time has come to wrap it up.

The time has come to retire as The Happyologist and move on to my new path as a philosopher, writer and poet.

Like a moth that has been building its way to a butterfly, I feel I have been preparing myself for this change for a while.

From the moment I wrote my first book, I realised writing is where I flourished the most. I found flow and inspiration there, and understood that this was the best possible way for me to serve my purpose in this world.

Because of that, I’m now committing to this fully, taking flight as a butterfly with my new profession as a full-time writer.

That means I will no longer offer any of my previous services, my newsletter, or my blog. I am focusing all my efforts on my next books. I promise you there are many coming.

If you want to stay with me on my journey, I will continue to hang out on Instagram @susannanewsonen.

I also have a new minimalist online home,, a Facebook page Susanna Newsonen, and a new email address should you wish to send me letters.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and may your future be full of hope and love.

x Susanna

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