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Feeling overwhelmed? Overcome it with one simple thing

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Have you got too much to do and too little time? You’re not alone in this challenge. It could be your to dos at work, trying to lose weight, setting up a business, doing a career change, or even life overall. Overwhelm is a part of it. But don’t let it eat you up. Don’t let it paralyse you into a state of inaction. You can overcome this silly inaction, this crazy overwhelm, with one simple thing. So here it comes.

How do you stop feeling overwhelmed? TAKE ACTION!

That’s right, you’ve got to do something. Act on it. Take one tiny little step and follow it with another tiny little step. Do something, do anything. It doesn’t have to be right, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to do something.

Feeling overwhelmed?

 Jonathan Moore tells an inspirational, life-changing story on exactly this. His young son fell into the pool and was drowning. As he grabbed him out of the pool, he was blue and lifeless. As his wife called 911, he started doing some kind of CPR on him, even though he wasn’t sure what he was doing. But it helped. Life came back to him. And the paramedics said to Jonathan, “You don’t have to do it right. You just to have to do something.” Read the rest of his story here.

Don’t let the lack of knowledge or insecurities around doing it right stop you from doing something. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, take little steps and see what happens. Take action now.

What is one thing you can do right now to step out of your overwhelm? Comment below with your action!

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