How to flourish in life

We’re all looking for ways on how to flourish in life, to be successful, to grow and develop, to be happy. All of those terms may mean different things to you but in the end we’re all looking for the “feel good” factor on a regular basis. So here’s my top 3 ways to flourish in life, inspired by The Happiness Institute.

3 ways to flourish in life

  1. Be yourself. Accept who you are and be proud of it. You’re at your best when you are yourself. There’s always ways for you to improve yourself and be the “best you” you can be. But it’s got to start with accepting who you are and understanding what’s important to you.
  2. Believe in yourself. You can do it if you choose to believe in yourself. You have all the power you need to achieve whatever you want in life. It’s going to be a bumpy road but that’s a part of the fun. Go for it.
  3. Choose to be happy. Yes you can choose. You are in control of your own happiness so choose to act on it. Cherish each moment of joy as it comes along. And you can always look at identifying the good parts of unhappy moments. Though challenging, they all have them hidden in there somewhere.

These tips are just the beginning but important ones to keep in mind throughout your life journey. It’s so easy to lose ourselves in today’s chaotic, busy lives and this is just a reminder that you can chieve anything you want as long as you believe in it.

Martin Seligman, also known as the founder of positive psychology, talks about flourishing in this inspiring (though slightly academic) TED talk. Positive psychology in essence talks about how we should focus more on the positive things in our life to flourish – everything from strengths to affirmations to social connections and more. You can also look into his latest book called Flourish for an in-depth discussion on the topic.

What makes you flourish? Do you agree with Martin Seligman’s points on focusing more on “positive” psychology to get more flourishing?


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