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18 Resolutions for a Happier You

Last week my body forced my life into a halt as a sticky, stuffy, persistent case of the flu took over. I knew that meant it was time to recharge myself, reflect on my life and recalibrate my focus. Do you notice your body sometimes telling you to stop and take stock? You should listen to it – because it will lead you to a happier you.

My body always puts a proper stop on my usual routine when my gut is telling me I got to slow it down a notch and have moment to check-in with how things are going. It was a perfect time for me to reflect on the last six months – and realise that there are less than six months to go of this year (jeez time flies!). That’s when I realised it’s an ideal time to make some mid-year happiness resolutions.

Now I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions to start with. That’s because they are often turned into very ambitious behavioural change resolutions, like “I’m not going to drink alcohol for 12 months”. I appreciate the ambition but realistically it’s going to be hard to achieve if you haven’t planned well for it and all of a sudden decide to go cold turkey simply because it’s a new year. That’s why I believe goals are a more constructive way of setting yourself up for success and helping you grow. I’d change this resolution into a goal format so it’s something like: “I’m going to reduce my alcohol intake so that I drink a maximum of two glasses of wine a week for the first three months, then a maximum of one glass of wine per week the next 3 months, and then one glass of wine per month the latter six months.” That way you start to adjust your body and mind to your new behaviour.

Once your goal is set, it’s helpful to have specific resolutions alongside your goal to help you to achieve it. That’s how I came up with this week’s video and the Mid-Year Resolutions chart. I want you to ask yourself what kind of resolutions you can make to yourself so that you can give yourself the biggest likelihood of success of reaching your goals, being your best possible self and becoming a happier you in the next six months.

Watch the video below to find out what exactly I mean and how to make these resolutions stick.

You can download the Mid-Year Happiness Resolutions PDF here. Make sure to print it, fill it out and put it where you can see it!

Now I’d love to hear from you. Comment below with one of the resolutions you’re making to yourself for the rest of 2015. The Happyologist community and I will hold you accountable to it!

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Good luck in your adventures and until next time!

Happy Regards,

Susanna :)

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  • r says:

    Hi Susanna
    Thank you for the wonderful tips.
    Hope you are feeling better.

    Kind Regards


  • As always, Susanna, I enjoy your video and positivity! I’ll share the video and blog post with my sister and a friend. Thanks for all you do!

  • Anne says:

    Dear Susanna,
    This morning I woke up and realized what is missing in my life. Yes, it is “passion”, which is something I thrived on all through my wonderful past career. Then I did an online search and found you. Humor has always been my saving grace, and finding you has confirmed that. I definitely will be ordering your book, and looking forward to your inspirational emails.
    Bless you for being you,

    • Aww Anne your message has made my day!
      Thank you so much for your kind words and I really hope you enjoy the book!
      Can’t wait to see you around the comments section here on my website even more in the future :)

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