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What Helps Me to Worry Less and Live More

Discover the three ways that self-love helps me to worry less and live more.

The Simple Pleasures of Life “The Antwerp Way”

simple_pleasures_of_live The people of Antwerp know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This is my take on what some of them are and how they inspire me and lift me higher.

The Beauty of Soulful Sisterhood

soulful_sisterhood Soulful sisterhood: one of the most amazing things you can experience and celebrate.

Happiness is Here… Literally!

happiness_is_here My newest book, Happiness is Here, has arrived! Find out how it will help you to learn the truth about happiness and feel more of it.

30 Days of Happiness is Here

30_days_of_happiness Join the 30 day happiness challenge to up your mood and unlock your fulfilment.

Eating Happiness: Five Foods that Up Your Mood

eating_happiness Eating happiness is possible – if you just know what to eat! Discover five things that science has shown ups your mood and lowers your stress.

Happiness Is Feeling What You Want to Feel

happiness_is Find out why happiness is feeling what you want to feel – and how to feel more of it.

You Can Buy Happiness (And Here is How)

money_can_buy_happiness Money can’t buy you happiness but how you spend the money you have can. Discover three strategies to buy happiness today.

Behave Your Way to A Happier You

actions_for_a_happier_you Get out of your head and into your body. Do these five simple actions and your body will naturally make you happier.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail – And What to Do Instead

Discover why new year’s resolutions fail and a different take on having a happier, more successful year.