11 Christmas Quotes to Make You Smile

Christmas is here and you’re ready to celebrate it with your family and friends. It’s such a magical holiday so take time to fully cherish it with the people you care about. To help you get started, get inspired with the 11 Christmas quotes below which highlight how you can fully embrace this amazing holiday.

Embrace the Christmas state of mind.

Christmas quotes

By using your heart.

Christmas quotes

Always carry the Christmas spirit with you in some shape or form.

Christmas quotes

Let Christmas give you courage for the present and hope for the future.

Christmas helps you be brave

Be real at Christmas, be you.

Christmas quote on being you

Let time stop at Christmas.

Christmas quotes

So you remember to count your blessings.

Christmas quote on blessing

Bottle your Christmas up and hold it in your heart as long as you can.

Keep Christmas in your heart quote

Because you can use it to change the world.

Christmas quotes on peace

Give wise presents.

Wise Christmas presents


And don’t forget to have a laugh… ;)

Santa quotes


With that I want to wish you a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS from Happyologist!

Enjoy your holidays and see you on the other side!

Happy Regards,



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