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How to Finally Be Happy (For Real)

There is one belief in life that can prevent you from being happy if you don’t believe it. This same belief is the thing that enables you to finally be happy in a whole new, fulfilling type of way you never knew was possible. That’s why I encourage you to embrace this belief for life.

Believe that you are enough.

Believe that you are perfectly imperfect exactly the way you are. Believe that there is a reason that you are the way that you are and that you being this way is what makes you beautiful.

Now I’m not going to simply abandon you with that thought and ask you to believe it without any help.

In the video below, I’ve outlined three questions to ask yourself so that you can start believing that you are enough. Watch it below to truly start embracing the belief that you are enough!

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Comment below with at least one of your answers to action your learning and to start wholeheartedly believing that you are enough.

If you enjoyed this video, please do share it, tweet it, pin it, like it – all of it – I really appreciate it! Remember, the more you share, the more happiness you’ll be spreading around you.

With that I wish you good luck in your adventures and until next time!

Happy Regards,

Susanna :)

P.S. The girl I mentioned in the video, Rachel Brathen a.k.a. Yoga Girl, is truly a big inspiration for me. I encourage you to follow her on Instagram and get a copy of her book, it’s one of my favourites!

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  • Denise says:

    I enjoyed your video!

    3 things I am most proud of: 1) Although I had a rough start, I turned out to be a beautiful and successful person who is paying it forward in life. 2) I have my BSM, and CBAP 3) I am volunteering in Peace Corps Mexico.

    3 things I do well: 1) I am an analyst in work and life. 2) I am very positive and upbeat (coaching and empowering others to succeed. 3) I am passionate and strive to succeed in whatever I do.

    3 favorite things about myself: 1) I love my smile! 2) I love my laugh! 3) I love my personality!

    • Wow Denise you’re on a roll!
      Sounds like you’re on an incredible path and definitely know that you are enough exactly the way you are!
      Sending you lots of love & joy :)

  • Yvette Francino says:

    I was most proud last year of being the top fund-raiser at the Denver Walk to Defeat ALS in memory of my friend, Craig Dunham. This year, I’m going for the biggest and most spirited team!

  • Lynne says:

    I am proud of the love I give to friends and family .

  • Ramesh Shishu says:

    If I am enough exactly the way I am, does it mean I need not to make any improvement in me?
    Please clarify.

    • Yes you’re exactly right Ramesh!
      You are enough exactly the way you are.
      Naturally as a human being you will probably grown and evolve, and you will probably also want to learn new things because that will make further boost your wellbeing – but you should do those things knowing that you are already enough exactly the way you are. However you evolve from now onwards is just a bonus! ;)

  • Gale Green says:

    Things about me I love: I love the name “Green” I’ve chosen for myself (growth! new life!) I love my insatiable curiosity about nature, cats in particular. I love my peaceful, easy-going nature.
    Things I do well: Make friends easily. Figure out how solve problems and to do practical things. Remember and tell funny, challenging, interesting stories about my life.
    Things I’m proud of: Overcoming fear of heights and doing a complicated Ropes Course in Outward Bound. Acquiring my B.S., and M.S. as a middle-aged woman attending University for the first time. Teaching myself how to recycle pallets and make useful wood objects.
    For me, creating happiness which tickles me most, is doing something for someone else–and then serendipitously finding happiness filling my heart.

    • This all sounds incredible Gale – thank you so much for sharing!
      I especially loved what you said about “creating happiness tickling you the most” – what wonderful words! :)

  • Sylvia Jones says:

    The 3 things I love about myself have taken me far from my difficult beginning in life: My perseverance, curiosity and great energy. Things I do well are maintaining a healthy life style, the ability to learn new skills as needed to succeed and continually remain optimistic. My proudest moments are all about things I did well, graduation, winning a race, gtting a good job.

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