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Believe in yourself and achieve your dreams

Do you sometimes lack confidence in going for your dreams? When people say for you to go after challenges and they say you can do it, do you believe them? Do you believe in yourself?

Believe in yourself

Imagine a world in which you know what your dream is and know that you can achieve it. You’re taking steps actively towards reaching your dream and even with challenges on the way, you know you’ll get there in the end. It can be difficult and there may be moments of doubt. But deep down, it’s the belief in yourself that will keep you working towards your dreams. Here’s 5 reasons why you’ve got to believe in yourself and 5 ways on improving your self belief, inspired by Fiona Harrold.

5 reasons why you got to believe in yourself

  1. Who you are and will become is 100% down to you. The reality is you are in full control of your life. So you are the only one who can achieve your dreams. No one else will do them for you. So believe you can achieve those dreams and you will.
  2. Once you believe, your mindset will be set to succeed hence it will actively be focused on finding opportunities. You will see challenges as opportunities to learn, attract different ways of moving towards your dream and notice more options on what you can do to move forward.
  3. You need to believe in yourself to get started and to keep the momentum. Use every bit of belief to fuel yourself to take action after action towards your dreams.
  4. Your vision of yourself and your life is your greatest asset. So make it a good one and use it wisely!
  5. Choosing to believe you can succeed will drive you and inspire you (the way an athlete trains for years because they believe they can win in the Olympics).

Your perspective creates your thoughts and your thoughts create everything. It is your strongest thoughts that have constructed who you are now. Who you are in the future is up to you. – Fiona Harrold

And to help you improve your belief in yourself…

5 tips to get you to believe in yourself

  1. Fake it until you make it. Not quite sure yet? Trick yourself into it. Behave as if you’re one step away from achieving your dream or that you’ve already made it. It’s all about your mindset so if you fake your belief in yourself long enough, it will come naturally. You’ll realize, “Hey, I can do this for real!”
  2. Behave and act like you believe and your feelings will join you later. Maybe you need to take the first step in order to believe. Treat every step towards your dreams as a success (regardless of outcome as there’s no such thing as failure, only learning). And with every step believe in yourself more.
  3. Work your own personal style. If you feel confident & attractive, you’ll radiate confidence & attractiveness (and vice versa).
  4. If you have a dream that you’re passionate about, you must protect it. Don’t let people interrupt you and tell you that you can’t do something. They’re simply scared they’ll watch you achieve yours when they haven’t achieved theirs. Protect your dream, go for it and inspire them to go for theirs.
  5. Look at someone who’s already done it. It tells your rational mind that it’s achievable. No one’s done it yet? So what? You can be the first.

You can believe in yourself. You will believe in yourself. You do believe in yourself.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says “I’m Possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

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  • Yes,I will believe my dreams @ vision come true I must to pursue it,thank you in this page
    I was encourage

    • Am very happy to hear this!
      Go for your dreams & vision, I believe in you too!
      And if you ever need help, please ask as I can also help you through one to one coaching :)

  • Thanks for sharing this important message. We just started our music production house, its hard at present, but belief in ourselves is making us move forward and eventually everything will fall in place. We know it!!

    • I’m glad to hear this!
      This is exactly what I went through in creating Happyologist so I know exactly what you mean!
      You’re in a great place so keep at it!
      Good luck!

  • Claire Aubut says:

    I just made notes on what you shared here in my daily journal. I am hoping the words and verses help me in my quest to healthier health habits! I want to enjoy life in a much Healther and Happy Space, Anxiety, Depression have got to be Controlled! Quiting Smoking Once in for All will become my Reality! Note: Ask God for his help and guidance he Delivers! He brought me to this here sight! God Help and Bless Us All, Amen⭐

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