Your success at work is predicted 25% by your intelligence and technical skills, and 75% by your optimism, the belief that behaviour matters, your social connections and the way you perceive stress. My workshops are all about working on the latter 75%.

I break down the science of happiness and performance into clear, actionable steps anyone can take. You will walk out of my workshops more confident in your abilities, more clear on how to use positive thinking for productivity, and more motivated to go after your goals in your life and career.

  • Susanna has a great ability to train and empower young professionals. Her sessions demonstrate the transformative qualities of ambition, passion and realisations of one’s core values.

    ~ Soujan Shah ~
    SKT Consulting
  • As part of our annual team conference, Susanna ran a strength workshop. It was a good break from the usual business discussions and Susanna influenced the whole room with her positive energy and passion for personal development; bringing out the different personal strengths that was hidden in the team. It was a great afternoon and everybody went away with a renewed understanding of themselves and how they complement the team.

    ~ Heidi Lind Jensen ~
    Country Manager for Denmark – Unibet
  • Susanna’s sessions on development of professional self and use of positive psychology have greatly enhanced the delivery of personal development classes at Regent’s University London. Her insights highlight the invaluable connection between a positive attitude and the opportunities you have when building your career.

    Susanna’s stress on wellbeing, attitude, authenticity, willingness to experience new things, and openness to learning & making connections has been crucial. Her workshops are highly recommended.

    ~ Noemi Sadowska~
    Programme Director
    Regent’s University London
  • We’ve had Susanna run a number of workshops at The Happy Startup School and her sessions are always engaging, interactive and most of all fun. She has an infectious energy and passion for her work that rubs off on everyone in the room and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with her again. Happy by name, happy by nature!

    ~ Laurence McCahill ~
    The Happy Startup School & Spook Studio
  • Susanna led a workshop on the importance of injecting passion into startups at our conference. She effortlessly directed the room in a 45 minute highly inspiring workshop, and I have no doubt that all attendees got huge value from her expertise. It’s a rare find to meet somebody so passionate, enthusiastic and proactive in their role, something which Susanna excels in. I can’t recommend her presentation skills & coaching sessions highly enough.

    ~ Fiona Duffy ~
    Chief Happiness Officer
    Spook Studio Ltd

Off-the-Shelf Workshops

You could be an employee looking for more happiness at work, an entrepreneur seeking more productivity, or a university student passionate about personal development. Whoever you are and whatever your ambitions are, these workshops will help you succeed by teaching you how to use happiness to work smarter not harder (at work and in life).

You will walk out of my workshop with:

  • An understanding of how what you’re learning will fuel your happiness and success
  • Practical knowledge of how to transfer your learning into your own life (and career) right away
  • A homework sheet with reminders of the key points and extra exercises to test out

My past workshop participants have reported feeling more:

  • Confident in their own skills
  • Able to tackle challenges
  • Creative
  • Connected to their team
  • Appreciated by the team

My off-the-shelf workshops range from 90 minutes to 3 hours to a full day workshop. They can be delivered from two to 30 people in the room, however 15 is recommended for an ideal learning environment. If a workshop is required for a larger audience, the content and exercises are adapted to match the audience size at an extra cost.

The five workshops currently on offer are:

  • Let Your Passion Drive Your Performance
  • How to Create a Positive Personal Brand
  • How to Do Happy Business
  • Make the Most Out of Your Natural Strengths
  • How to Create Positive Productivity Habits

Download this PDF to find out more about these workshops, including timings and key learning outcomes.

You can book me to deliver these workshops at your organisation, charity, educational institution or even to your group of friends.

Some of my present and past clients include Lululemon, SKT Consulting, L&Q Group, The School of Life, The Happy Startup School and Regent’s University London. I work with only a limited number of organisational clients so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Customised Workshops and Training Programs

Depending on availability, I can also be commissioned to create fully customised workshops and training programs for organisations who are looking to resolve a specific challenge. This can take many shapes from a managerial briefing to interviewing all the workshop participants before to create something tailored to them. Often these workshops are combined with coaching and are delivered over the course of 3-6 months (or longer) to ensure sustainable positive change.

If you would like to book a workshop in or arrange an introductory chat to help you decide which workshop to go for, please email me with your interest.

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