The link between happiness and success

Have you ever thought about whether there is a link between happiness and success? And with that I mean happiness driving success and not the other way around. I’m a firm believer in this and I’m so excited that there’s so much more research happening on this. The results of the research have already started to show some great signs. So here’s some top reasons why organisations should pay attention to creating happy employees.

How happiness and success go hand in hand for organisations:

  • Happy employees are 31% more productive
  • Their sales are 37% higher
  • Their creativity is 3 times higher
  • They are 19% more accurate
  • They are significantly more likely to receive high ratings from customers
Doesn’t every organisation want happy, engaged and productive employees who are in the mindset that’s more likely to fuel  creative solutions and innovations?

So what does this actually mean for you? If you’re a “happiness skeptic” and think work is just work and you can be happy on your leisure time, here’s some reasons why you should think about being happy at work.

How happiness and success go hand in hand for you:

  • Thriving blue-collar workers are 53% more likely to experience positive career progression
  • Happy employees constantly outperform unhappy ones
  • You’ll be able to make decisions more efficiently
  • You’ll be better organised
  • You’ll better equipped to face daily pressures and stresses
  • You’re more likely to avoid burnout

The good news is you can train yourself to be happy at work. And being in a positive mood means your brain will have more resources to accomplish your work. Which goes back to the point of productivity and success. So here’s some tips on how you could boost your happiness in the workplace.

Habits to boost happiness at work

  • Jot down 3 things you’re grateful for today
  • Write a positive message to someone you know
  • Meditate at your desk for 2 minutes
  • Exercise for 10 minuts
  • Take two minutes to write about your most meaningful experience in the past 24 hrs



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