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Clever tricks on creating a happy business

Yesterday I went to the Meaning Conference, the first of its kind, to discuss using business as a force for good. It was an inspirational day and  there were three talks I loved which touched on how to create a happy business. Have you ever had a rough day at work when you’re simply not in the mood and being unproductive? Do you sometimes struggle to find meaning in what you do? Well, you’re not the only one. Whether your a business owner, freelancer or an employee, there are tricks which can help you create happier days at work.

Happiness at work is something you do.

David Hieatt on creating a happy business through purpose

As a doer and a serious entrepeneur, David runs the Do Lectures and created Howies, an organic clothing wear company. He’s just launched Hiut Denim to revive the jeans business in his town in Cardigan, Northern Wales. His key points explained why purpose leads to a happy business:

  • Find meaning in what you do. Your purpose drives your passion and gives wind on your sails.
  • I can’t change the world but I can change my town. What can you change for the better in your business?
  • The things that we own tell stories about ourselves. What story is your business telling with the products & services it sells?
  • Find new ways of doing things to solve challenges. You need new thinking to solve new challenges.

One of our shareholders is planet Earth. Keep that in mind in business.

Karen Pine on doing something different for a happier business

One of the co-founders of Do Something Different, Karen, spoke of changing behaviour to grow and develop ourselves and our businesses. We learn, grow and develop by doing new things. Not by thinking or reasoning. By doing something randomly new and having a new experiences. Be more behaviourally flexible to create happier days.

  1. We need to approach life with a full toolbox, not with only a hammer. You need different tools for different tasks so use the different tools. Feeling stressed at work? Go for a 15 minute walk in fresh air instead of attacking your to-do list with panic.
  2. Start with small changes to your behaviour. They will create a ripple effect and lead to big changes. For example, if you’re usually assertive at work, today don’t be. You’ll notice new things and learn new things about the people around you by listening to them.
  3. If you use new behaviour traits, you will move forward. The same behaviour and thinking will keep you in the same place. If you start to behave differently, you’ll grow and progress forward.

Don’t change thinking to change behaviour. Change behaviour to change thinking.

Alexander Kjerulf explains arbejdsglaede at a happy business

Arbejdsglaede is a word for “happiness at work” which only exists in Scandinavian languages. It doesn’t mean being satisfied at work. It means being engaged, appreciated, motivated and happy – both when at work and when thinking about work when not at work. It improves your productivity, health and overall happiness. So here’s how you can have it too:

  1. Focus on creating meaningful results. No this isn’t sales results. This is about being good at what you do, doing an awesome job at your role and making a positive difference. It’s about feeling that you create meaningful results.
  2. Create meaningful relationships. Get to know your colleagues. Develop friendships at work. Say good morning to them energetically in the morning with eye contact. At breaks, talk about something other than work. Have lunch with your colleagues to interact with them (lunch at the desk forbidden!).

Do great  work with awesome people. Make a positive difference helping others and get energised for your life outside work.

So how about it? Have you got it in you to take action now to create a happy business? Remember, small changes lead to big changes.

Comment below with your feedback and let me know how you get on! And if you like it, share it with your friends :)

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