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What I’ve Learned About Working from Home

working from home Working from home can feel like heaven or hell. After eight years of doing it myself, I’ve learned a few lessons on how to make it more heavenly.

One Thing at a Time: That’s How You Get Things Done

one_thing_at_a_time One thing at a time. That’s how you get stuff done. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

Three Ways to Create Clear-Cut Focus For Your Number One Priority

focus_on_your_priority Procrastinate less and achieve more with these three strategies that create a clear-cut focus for your number one priority.

How to Manage Stress Pre- and Post-Holiday

how_to_manage_stress_around_holiday Minimise your anxiety and up your joy by learning how to manage stress both before and after your holiday. You won’t regret it!

5 Questions to Create Happy Work

happy_work You have the power to create more happy work in your life. Use these questions to choose your projects, job or career wisely.

What to Do When You’ve Got the Post Holiday Blues

post_holiday_blues Nudge yourself out of the post holiday blues with these simple tips.

5 Ways to Find More Meaning at Work

meaning_at_work_happyologist Anyone can find meaning at work – regardless of the job situation you’re in. Read further to discover five ways to create more meaningful days at work.

Become the Luckiest (And Happiest) Person at Work

Become the luckiest and happiest person at work Ever wondered how luck is made? Follow these three tips and you’ll create your luck at work whilst becoming the happiest person there too.

6 Shortcuts to Kill Procrastination and Become Happier

6 shortcuts to kill procrastination At the start of every year I reflect on my Happyologist® business mission and future vision. It’s a great way to look back on how far I’ve come already, and

The Secret to Loving Your Work

The secret to loving your work When was the last time your friend was complaining to you about how much they hated their job? Perhaps they complained about the mundane aspects of some of the admin