The Hottest (And Simplest) Tip on Self Care

I’m a huge advocate of self care any month (or day) of the year. That’s why I was excited to discover that July is self care month! I’m game for anything that helps to put self care on the map and encourage people to do more of it. It’s also excellent timing for me because I’ve had an uber busy two weeks and I’m feeling wiped. I know I need to prioritise my self care this week to get my energy levels back up. And I’m super excited about doing that.


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Though I always wasn’t. I used to think self care was a waste of time and a form of procrastination. I used to think when I was low in energy I was meant to push through it and get on with it. Until I crashed and burned. Not once, twice, but a few times. It was actually my body who always put a halt to my mind when it made itself so sick I simply couldn’t push through. And after this happened a few times, I started to understand the pattern.

That’s why when I created my three vision boards for my three focus areas this year, I made one of them purely about self care. I knew I needed to turn it into a goal and a vision to make it properly happen. And it worked. Over the last six months I’ve been taking great care of me, and now, when my energy is low, I actually stop to recharge. I’m a huge self care advocate today and I love doing anything that helps me to feel good. I no longer see it as a waste of time but as a good investment of time. And, as I’m writing about it yet again, it makes me fall even more in love with it.

To make my self care motto really stick, I wrote a quote to remind myself of it. It goes, “If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t properly take care of others.” And that is just the point. I can’t help my clients, deliver powerful talks, or share useful tips if I’m wiped out. I won’t have anything to give! Equally, you can’t deliver your best work, provide emotional support to your loved ones, or help others in any way if you don’t help yourself first.

That’s why this week I want you to practice that. I want you to focus on listening to your body, getting better acquainted with it, and starting to understand what it wants. Then, I want you to go all the way and actually give it what it needs. Sometimes it will be a glass of wine, other times it will be a juice detox. Some days it will be treating it to a full body massage, other times it will be just taking an afternoon to read a book on your sofa. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do, as long as it helps you to recuperate and recharge.

I know it’s not easy at the start. But I also know it is totally possible. I know it’s so much easier to listen to others and give them what they need. I understand it’s so much more difficult to do the same for yourself. But that doesn’t mean you don’t try. It doesn’t mean you don’t learn. Because you have to learn to fill your life with self care. No one else will take care of you for you. Sure, they can help you and remind you of it, but in the end, you’re the person in charge of your health and wellbeing.

You are the one who has to choose to stop working weekends, to go to bed earlier, to turn the midnight Netflix marathon off, to exercise daily, to drink enough water, and to eat nutritiously. If you’re really honest with yourself, you know when you need to rest and you know you come back so much stronger after it. You know when you need to give yourself some self love, and you know it makes you happier and more successful in the long run.

That is why this week, for the next seven days, I want you to ask yourself this:

What is one act of self care you can do for yourself today?

And then go and do it. Every single day. You can do the same thing every day if you feel like it’s what your body needs. If not, mix it up. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. Some days it could be certain types of exercise, and other days it could be specific types of nutritious food. Some days it could self care rituals at home, like an aromatherapy bath or a face mask, and other days it could be total recharge treatments like a day at the spa. It could even be an afternoon nap or some type of meditation. Whatever it is that your body craves, do it.

Because you only have one body and being, and you need to treat it for the beautiful being it is. It deserves your time and attention. You deserve the time and attention. Nurture yourself, fuel yourself, and enrich yourself. Do it – and enjoy the sense of wellbeing, fulfilment, and contentment that comes with it.

Now it’s your turn: what is the one act of self care you are doing today? Committing to it right here right now will start your positive self care cycle on the right foot. Comment below with the act that you will do to hold yourself accountable – and to inspire the rest of the readers :)

From my side, tonight I will do a 15 minute guided self love meditation when lying on my acupuncture mat. It calms my mind, refuels my body, and relaxes my muscles. I feel like floating after it!

To take it a step further, you can create your own “self care rules” to follow to make self care really stick. For more inspiration on this, read my previous post on Take Care of Yourself Before You Take Care of Others.

I wish you good luck in your self care adventures and until next time :)

With love, light and happiness,

x Susanna


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