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Why Living a Life of Gratitude Will Open Your Eyes [infograph]

Living a life of gratitude As the holiday season approaches and the Americans get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend, it’s a great opportunity for you to remind yourself to be appreciative. Living a life

Boost your emotional well being in 7 minutes

Boost your emotional well being You want to be happy and healthy. You know exercise plays a key role in both your physical and emotional well being. You do your best to exercise daily but sometimes

Happiness life lessons from a dog

Life lessons from a dog Have you ever taken notice of how dogs behave? You should. You can learn many life lessons from a dog. Last Friday was a tough day as my family had

Be mindful, be present, be free

Be mindful When you choose to be mindful, you choose to live in the present. When you choose to be aware of your thoughts, you create a new sense of freedom for

How to increase productivity through wellbeing – The Ultimate Guide

Increase productivity through wellbeing Did you know that we can increase our productivity through specific habits and routines that promote our natural mental and physical wellbeing? Last weekend I realised the reality behind this

How to work the attitude of gratitude

The attitude of gratitude What turns what we have into enough? The attitude of gratitude. Simple but powerful. You may have noticed a trend of gratitude starting to grow across the world. There’s 2

Finding happiness in life on 4 fronts: Part 2 – The Body

Finding happiness through your body Last week I introduced 4 immediate happiness boosters to get you started on your happiness journey. This week we’re tackling the body. It may seem surreal to some of you to

How to have a happy start to the day (even if you’re not a morning person)

A happy start to the day Every day is a new opportunity for us to have a happy, productive, fun day. At the end of the day, we want to look back at the day and

Get your happy chemical serotonin on fire

Happy habits Serotonin is known as the happy chemical because it’s a neurotransmitter that helps boost happiness and wellbeing. The more you have of it naturally, the happier you are! Doing what

Tips for inner and outer happiness

Inner and outer happiness A big part of happiness is about living a healthy, balanced life that you enjoy. This means taking care of yourself both physically and mentally without over straining your body