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5 Mindfulness Practices I Learned During Time Off

mindfulness_practice As my life was forced to a temporary halt I was forced to find comfort in the art of mindfulness. Here are the practices I tested and loved.

Relax, Recharge & Be Jolly This Christmas Break!

Christmas break Christmas break is here and it’s time to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

9 Energy Boosters to Help You Beat the Autumn Blues

energy_boosters_for_autumn Nourish your body and soul with these 9 energy boosters to keep yourself focused, healthy and happy during the autumn months.

What to Do When You’re Always Running Out of Time

Stop_running_out_of_time Do you sometimes finish your days wishing you had more hours in the day? Do you look back on your day feeling¬†frustrated because you’re not sure where the time went

5 Life Changing Learnings from the Yoga World

Yoga Retreat These learnings from my yoga retreat will help you keep your inner peace and happiness wherever you go. Carry them with you proudly.

5 Steps to Overcome Your Negative Thoughts

overcome_negative_thoughts Sometimes life feels a bit crap. It feels like everything that could go wrong goes wrong. It’s like the world is against us. And the more we feel like the

Meditate Your Way to a Happy, Successful You [video]

Meditate_for_happiness Meditation has been coming up in the media a lot in the recent years as more and more research has made a strong case for its amazing benefits on our

Take Care of Yourself Before You Take Care of Others

Take care of yourself As I’m writing this week’s blog post still recovering from a severe migraine attack on Saturday evening, I am reflecting on the importance of taking care of yourself. Most often

How Friends Boost Your Wellbeing

Your friends boost your wellbeing Last week I was reminded of the lifelong friendship bonds you build as I was reunited with two of my bestest friends from university times. It was the first time

Sleep Happy Feel Happy

sleep happy feel happy Sleep is one of the most underrated health and happiness habits. We easily forget it’s an essential part in helping our bodies and minds to recover from the day, to