A Letter of Self Love

Dear Me,

Why do you find it so hard to give yourself the self love you deserve? You love love and you have no problems sharing your love with others. Why don’t you use a mirror and direct some of that love back on yourself?

I know it’s not easy, and I know some days are harder than others. That’s ok. That’s a part of learning to accept yourself and all your emotions, regardless of how and when they come. But, you should never stop fighting. You should never stop developing your ability to give yourself self love.

Let’s start with your body. I know you’ve struggled to feel the self love for it lately which is exactly why I want to remind you of its magnificence. ¬†Let’s take it from the top down before diving deep. Your hair. It’s strong, it’s thick and it’s shiny. Every hairdresser nearly faints when they start working on it because it’s so thick. You’re lucky. So many would love to have thicker hair. Cherish it.

Let’s move down to your face. Your blueish eyes always sparkle with passion. Your ears enable you to hear the beat of the music and dance to it. Your cheeks get a warm, dark rosy flush when you blush and when you move. Your lips enable you to speak and spread your message. Your neck holds that stubborn yet loving head in place. Your broad shoulders and long back gives you posture – and the ability to look tall when riding your horse. Your tummy has gone through multiple surgeries and you should cherish it for getting through all of it with such bravery.

Your hips are wide and feminine Рwhich is apparently ideal for child bearing. This will come in handy in the future! Your  thighs, lean and strong, enable you to control over half a ton of horse and become one with it. Your knees put up with a lot of twisting and turning, and hold you firmly on your feet. Your calves make it possible for you to wear those heels once in a blue moon when you get the urge. Your beautiful, stabilising feet keep you grounded and your unique, abnormally shaped toes give you 10 more reasons to love yourself.

Your arms are firm and strong-willed. Your elbows important in keeping that right angle when you’re riding your horse. Your wrists work hard with both your writing and riding, and your long, elongated fingers (apparently good for pianists!) make it possible for you to type up your messages to share with the world.

Your heart is strong and fit, and your brain is driven and determined. Your lungs make those deep, relaxing breaths happen, and your intestines work hard to detox your body daily. Your immune system works hard to fight for your health and your nervous system does its best to keep you calm.

Every scar shows how strong you are. Every blemish makes you you. Every bit of cellulite shows you’ve savoured life.

Your body is magnificent in how it works for you. Remember that – and everything that it enables you to do.

Your mind is a real treasure too. It works hard, sometimes even when you don’t want it to. It loves to learn and it helps you to grow. It’s strong and resilient, yet also soft and empathetic. It’s stubborn and tenacious, yet also patient and understanding. It listens, it comprehends, it speaks. It’s the powerhouse that enables you to do the work that you do.

Your attitude is one of a go-getter. You don’t let anything get in your way and you believe you are capable of anything. Your belief in your dreams is what makes you work so hard and your ability to enjoy is what makes the journey so fun.

You believe in the power of love, and you have faith in the people of this world. You are fighting for a better, more loving world, and you are doing it with heart, soul and fire. You are brave, you are beautiful, you are incredible.

How is that for something to inspire you on your path of self love?

Now go and enjoy your day with love and kindness – not only towards others but especially towards yourself.

Love you – forever and always from the bottom of my heart,

xoxo Me


Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash


That felt good. And reading it back feels even better. Now that it’s here and that I’ve shared it with you, it makes it even more empowering. I will definitely look back on it on those days of self-doubt to remind me of my ability for self love.

If you want to have a go at it yourself, I highly recommend it! Simply just imagine you are your best friend writing a letter of love to you. Just start writing and see what happens. If writing isn’t your gig, you can also talk about it out loud to yourself. Or brainstorm. Or do bullet points. Do whatever your heart is yearning to do to get that self love up.

With love, light & happiness,

Susanna x

P.S. Want some help on upping your self love? My coaching doors are now open for new clients so grab a slot if you’re looking for some help. I’m also happy to jump on a free 20 minute introductory call to chat further if you need help deciding if coaching is for you :)


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