Happiness life lessons from a dog

Have you ever taken notice of how dogs behave? You should. You can learn many life lessons from a dog. Last Friday was a tough day as my family had to say goodbye to our beautiful, almost 12 year old, golden retriever Chico. Old age got the best of him and it was only fair to let him go. He was the essence of what dogs are all about: loyal, loving and playful. And so much more.

In memory of Chico, these are the top happiness life lessons from a dog.

Happiness life lessons from a dog

(P.S. These are the words of a chain email I received, I don’t know who to source them to!)


  • Sam Dounis says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Chico :-( I like your post, it’s a nice reminder to live life and to find joy in the simplest of experiences. My latest blog post is also about what dogs can teach us, although not about happiness, about attracting more customers. Looking forward to more inspirational posts! :-)

    • Hi Sam
      Thanks for your kind words. Indeed we often forget about the simplest pleasures in life!
      Glad to hear pets are inspiring your stories too – they can teach us a lot! :)

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