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Declutter Your Life with This

You know that amazing, refreshing feeling that comes when you’ve just decluttered your closet. You’ve put it off for weeks, if not months (or even years!), and then one day you just commit to it and get it done. Boom! It feels so darn good to have a closet that only has things that make you feel good. And you know what would feel even better? Setting a day to also declutter your life.

Yup that’s what I said. Declutter your life. From tasks, activities, sports, social gatherings, and even people. Declutter your life from whatever it is that keeps you overly busy and makes you feel overwhelmed. Now, I understand that decluttering your life is a wee bit more complicated than decluttering your closet. BUT – it really doesn’t have to be.

In the video below, I recommend you to use one simple question that helps you to declutter your life in a wise and efficient manner – and it even works for decluttering your closet and home too ;)

Watch it to discover what this one question is.

To dive deeper into Marie Kondo’s wisdom, grab a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. I highly recommend it!

Now I’d love to hear from you. What do you usually do to declutter your life? How do you feel when you’ve done it? Comment below with your insights and inspire the rest of the Happyologist community with them!

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With that, I wish you good luck in your adventures & until next time!

With love, light and happiness,

Susanna x

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