Are you looking for inspiration and encouragement for a bigger audience? Then a talk by the Happyologist® is exactly what you're looking for. My talks are a mix of inspirational stories, scientific research, and practical how-to that will leave you feeling positive, passionate and happy!

  • We invited Susanna to attend our Motivating Monday event which took place on the International Day of Happiness! We hold Speaker Season sessions on a regular basis and the attendance for Susanna’s talk was one of the highest levels of engagement we have seen to date.  Susanna’s presentation was both fun and informative; encouraging interaction with the audience through the use of surveys, activities and Q&A. The content of the presentation could be related to both work and personal life which I think resonated with our audience and prompted lots of discussions.

    ~ BMW Group ~
  • Susanna gave a fabulous talk on passion. Her vast knowledge of positive psychology research, coupled with her experience coaching and training, formed a unique, and actionable message that I was very excited about. I am impressed with her ability to break down the ingredients of a passionate life, turn them into an actionable plan, and drive a transformative change in individuals and in organizations. If you’re contemplating a positive process of change, go to the Happyologist and look no further.

    ~ Ran Zilca ~
    Chief  Scientist
    bLife Inc
  • She was excellent. Delivered professionally but more important with charisma. She had me wrapped in every sentence and the message was crystal clear.

    ~ Lesley Tran ~
    Associate Director
    Welbeck Land
  • Susanna is a highly engaging and inspiring speaker. Susanna’s talk resonates and she has an uncanny ability to motivate you to find your niche. You will definitely leave her sessions thinking ‘What can I do to feel more passion?’. I will be attending more of Susanna’s sessions in the future.

    ~ Anita Lau ~
    IT Project Manager
  • A highly motivated speaker and entrepreneur. She shares great messages on making a difference through being happy. All should attend her sessions!

    ~ Eric Chan ~
    Principal Lecturer & Programme Director
    Regent’s University London

About Speaking

My talks range from ten to sixty minutes depending on the session. It is possible to add an interactive Question & Answer session at the end of my talk, and I am also happy to be interviewed on stage and to join panel discussions.

Each talk I deliver is adapted to the audience I am speaking to, depending on their company, industry or overall setting. I’m very comfortable speaking in different types of physical spaces, having delivered talks in conference rooms, town halls, museum spaces, and concert halls to name a few. My clients have ranged from startups to management consultancies, from lifestyle brands to charities, from sports agencies to the government and more.

I also deliver a limited amount of guest lectures at universities and other educational institutions, especially in conjunction with personal development modules and careers departments.

My off-the-shelf talks are:


It’s time to debunk the myth that you need to ‘find your passion’ and ‘follow your passion’ in order to be happy. Because you really don’t. Instead, you can learn to take control of your own positive energy in a way that it starts fuelling your fulfilment. Based on Susanna Halonen’s book, Screw Finding Your Passion: It’s Within You, Let’s Unlock It, this talk will help you to take a more proactive approach to passion. From its philosophical origins to the latest science behind passion, you’ll be taken on a journey that will inspire you, energise you, and teach you how to stay motivated through both ups and downs. You will learn the five passion keys and walk out with a clear action plan on how to put them into use so they can fuel your performance and positivity in and out of work.


Decades of positive psychology research have shown how your emotions, resilience and psychological habits affect your overall happiness and success. This talk will share the key findings of these so that you can learn to make the most out of your mental resources. From authenticity to gratitude to optimism and more, you will understand how these simple practices help you to flourish both in and out of work. You will walk out of the talk knowing how to approach your life and career from a more positive, proactive, solution angle, increasing your happiness levels and likelihood of success.


It’s time we learned to work smarter rather than harder. This talk looks at how you can be more productive by creating habits that work with your body and mind, not against them. You will learn how to build new habits into your day and how to design a successful routine that works for you. You will also learn the role certain habits play in your productivity and overall happiness. You will walk out understanding what reduces your stress and ups your positivity so that it is easier for you to bring your happiest, best performing self out.


What is a personal brand and what role does it play in your life and career? This talk will help you to understand why a personal brand is so influential, not only in your career but also in your overall happiness. You will get a clear understanding of what makes a personal brand strong and what your very own unique personal brand is. You will also get ideas on how to take the next step in representing your very own personal brand in an effective and fulfilling way, so that it fuels both your happiness and likelihood of success.


Knowing, understanding and being able to use one’s strengths promotes a sense of authenticity and self-determination. This, in turn, improves your motivation and performance. This talk will help you to appreciate your own strengths, as well as those of your teammates. It will also help you to come up with ideas on how to put them to use more effectively in your career and life. You will walk out understanding how to use your natural strengths in new, creative ways, and hence find more enjoyment, wellbeing and productivity in your life and work.

I can also create bespoke talks for you. Please get in touch to discuss this in more detail.

Whatever the topic, the talk will inspire, encourage and motivate you to commit to new habits, as well as offer you tips on how to get started. Regardless of the setting and the audience size, I always include practical tips in my talks to ensure you can immediately take a proactive step towards positive change right then and there.

If you’re thinking about hiring me as a speaker, email me so we can chat about what you’re looking for and how I can help.

To get a taster of what I’ve got to offer, have a look at some of my filmed talks below.

For a wider selection of my filmed talks, please visit my press page here.

The Art of Happiness – TEDxBrighton (October 2015)

From Purpose to Passion – TEDxRussellSquare (October 2014)

Why Your Smile Shapes Your Future – Private Event (September 2014)

The Secret to Living a Life with Passion – TEDxRussellSquare (February 2014)