Why Donating My Wedding Dress Made Me So Happy

I will never forget how happy I felt on the day I married my husband. As my father walked me down the aisle in the foyer of the French Chateau we got married at, I was struggling to hold back the tears. I walked up to my future husband at the front, looked up into his eyes with a smile and said, “Hi“.

The rest of the day flew by in a flurry of emotions. It was a magical day and one that I will hold very dear in my heart for the rest of my life. I was so happy – and still am.

That’s why when I came across my wedding dress in my storage closet, I smiled. I knew it was there but I rarely thought about it because it was hidden away. I loved that dress and how it was modified to be exactly what I wanted it to be. It was romantic, flowy and feminine. It was so me. And it was perfect for our fairytale wedding in the Chateau.

Yet, tucked away in my storage closet, it looked lonely and unloved. Don’t get me wrong, I took good care of it. I washed it after the wedding, placed it in a protective fabric bag and ensured it had the space to breathe. Yet, there it was, looking lonely.

Making Peace with Paths Parting

The reality is, I had already made peace with the idea that our paths would part. I had tried to sell it online. In fact, the dress I wore to the rehearsal dinner I sold to someone in Australia! She had been looking for that exact dress in the exact size I had it in. I was so happy for her! I took great pleasure in buying a proper dress box for it. As I wanted to ensure it arrived in top-notch condition, I wrapped it in beautiful white tissue paper for its journey far south. I even added a copy of my happiness book just for fun and a small note sending my best wishes for her wedding day. It felt amazing.

In truth, I had hoped to do the same with my main wedding dress. Even if no one online wanted to buy it, I wanted it to be worn and loved again. Hence, I decided to donate it. I searched for the best charity to donate it to and settled with Oxfam. Within a week of contacting their team, I’d carefully packaged the dress and sent it to the UK. I really, really hope someone loves it as much as I did.

Many people warned me about selling or donating my wedding dress. They said I’d miss it or that I’d regret it. They also said that I could repurpose it or give it to a younger family member to wear at their wedding. Let me confirm that I do not miss it and I actually regret I didn’t donate it sooner. It would have been very costly and not worth it to repurpose it and if a younger family member gets married I’m happy to help them to buy their dream dress in their own style.

The Act of Giving

Since I chose my word for the year, simplify, I’ve felt such an air of relief. I’m actively doing everything I can to simplify all aspects of my life and it feels great. This includes my home and everything in my closets. I wasn’t going to wear the wedding dress again and it was simply becoming a little like clutter in my new, simplified home. Hence, I wanted to let it go. I wanted the dress to move on to somewhere it was loved and to someone it could make happy.

It’s no surprise how the act of donating it to a good cause has also made me incredibly happy. Generosity and kindness in any shape or form fuels fulfilment. I can confirm I’ve been walking around with a smile on my face since I dropped the dress off at the post office.

I encourage you to give it a go too. Is there an item in your closet or home that could go to a good cause? Find a new home? Make someone very, very happy? I promise you, the act of giving it will make you happy too.

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