How to Put the Spring in Your Step

There is no time like today to put some spring in your step. I know the world is in a bit of a state and you might still be in lockdown or somehow restricted from doing the things you usually do. Still, the season of spring is upon us and it’s time to celebrate it.

spring in your step
Photo by Kyaw Tun on Unsplash

That’s why today’s post is short and sweet with six simple tips on how to put the spring in your step. I hope this inspires some joy and contentment in your week.

1. Immerse yourself in nature.

This is the time of the year when nature starts to show off. All of a sudden bare trees turn into fully decorated ones. Little buds start to appear in the plants you forgot were flowers. The meadows start to grow tall and wild. Wherever you are, and whatever phase of spring you’re surrounded by, go and immerse yourself in it. It’s healing, it’s calming, and it’s so so good for the soul. If nature isn’t on your doorstep, get some house flowers or put some on your windowsill or balcony. The joy of nurturing something and watching it grow is wonderful.

2. Sit in the sunshine.

Hopefully, you’re starting to see more sunshine now. The days are getting longer as there is more daylight for you to enjoy. When the sun does come out, go out to meet it. Then, just sit in it. Enjoy it. Sure, wear some sunscreen, sunglasses, and perhaps even a hat to stay safe, and, then, just enjoy its warmth and glow.

3. Eat whatever fruit and veg are in season in your area right now.

Spring brings birth to a lot of fresh veg and fruit. Find out what is in season in your local area right now and eat it! There is nothing tastier than the explosion of flavours you get from fresh, local produce. For me, here in Southern France, it’s strawberries. I’ve been eating them in any shape and form – and I’ve loved every bite.

4. Smell the grass in a misty fresh morning.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you need to lie face down on it or rub your nose on it like a dog. Obviously, you can if you want and my pup Bond seems to find great pleasure in this so perhaps it’s something we should consider. But simply taking a moment to sniff the air in a misty spring morning is pure bliss.

5. Wear something out of your spring wardrobe.

It could be a floaty dress that you can wear on the sunny days, an item with a flower print that imitates the blooming nature around you, or a light blouse that’s perfect for the mid-range temperatures you often experience in spring. I always find it feels a bit like Christmas when you get to wear your seasonal pieces again.

6. Skip.

That’s right. Replace walking with skipping. Skip from your sofa to the kitchen. Skip to the grocery store. Sure, you might get a few weird looks and it might feel pretty foreign to you too. But, let’s face it, skipping is fun. And it literally puts the spring in your step as you skip around in joy. If you need inspiration for this, check out Michael McIntyre’s take on it.

Stay safe and stay well my dear friend. Sending you lots of positive, springy vibes.

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