You’re fed up of exhausting yourself running around going to workshops and conferences all over the place in the hopes of creating positive change in your life.

You love reading and learning how to be your best self but you simply haven’t got the time to read all the books in the world to make this happen.

You want the key learnings and practical tips to be handed to you in a way that’s easy to understand and digest.

Finally, you want to be able to engage with the content in your own time, whenever and wherever works for you.

That’s exactly why I’ve created the Happyologist online courses for you.

They are here to make your learning easier, more efficient and more fun. They are here to make your life happier, more fulfilling and more successful. Most importantly, they are here to add more feel-good calm and contentment to your day.

The online courses are delivered in the form of an ebook that you get to download the minute you’ve paid. That means you can get started right away! It also means that you can do the course at your own pace and on your own terms so that you really get the most out of it.

I hope you enjoy these and if you’ve got an idea about what topic you’d like me to cover next. I have a few in the works but I’m always eager to hear what would help you the most.

Online Courses Currently Available:


The Self-Love Booster

Learn to fall in love with yourself in this 20-step journey of reflecting, nourishing and reconnecting to yourself.

Click here to find out more.


The Release

Let go of what no longer serves you in this 10-day quest of cleansing your life. Come out of the other side feeling lighter and more content.

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The Gentle Steer

Set a gentle intention for your life and make it one full of calm and contentment.

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30 Days of Happiness

Learn a tip a day for 30 days to up your mood, fuel your fulfilment, and boost your positivity.

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