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Simplify your life for happiness

Do you wonder did you actually need to buy those new Jimmy Choos or that new shirt? Or what about the armchair which doesn’t really fit in the living room but was too beautiful to miss? This cool TED talk by Graham Hill (featured at The Happiness Experiment) talks about how you can simplify your life for happiness.

He challenges whether you really need all the stuff you have and whether a bigger place doesn’t actually lead to more space but more stuff. By all means you should have precious pieces which you’re in love with for years. But do you really need all of the stuff you usually end up getting? The same applies to your life.

Maybe less equals more. Let’s make room for the good stuff.

3 Steps to simplify your life for happiness

  1. Edit ruthlessly. You’re not into something? Don’t waste your time on it. Life is too short.
  2. Think small. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. You want to be a dog walker instead of a corporate banker? Do it.
  3. Make multifunctional. You want a career that’s flexible, fun and pays well? Do what you love and you can make it happen.

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