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How to Stop Worrying About Things You Can’t Change

5 strategies to stop worrying You’ve just done a pitch for a potential client ¬†and you’re waiting with worry to hear if they’d like to go ahead with the work you proposed. You had an

What Does Gut Feeling Have to Do With Your Happiness?

listen_to_your_gut_einstein How many times have you heard people talk about gut feeling or intuition? Do you follow yours – or think it’s complete rubbish? I have to admit that even though

The Guide to Making a Difference

Last week I had an incredible experience doing my first ever TEDx talk at TEDxRussellSquare (I promise I will share the video of the talk once it’s live!). Doing my

7 Ways to Replace the January Blues with January Joy

Screw the January Blues! Monday, January 20th, 2014 is labelled as Blue Monday. Apparently it’s the day of the year when people are most likely to be depressed, as people are feeling low after

How to Take Charge of Your Positive Personal Brand

How to take charge of your positive personal brand In today’s society your personal brand is more important than ever. The industries are incredibly competitive, and so are the startup and entrepreneurial scenes now that the online world has

How Can Money Buy Happiness

How can money buy happiness Can money buy happiness or not? Money makes it possible for you to buy that pair of shoes, move into a bigger house, or go for a nice meal with

Get Rid of Boredom Once and for All

Get rid of boredom Being a human being with incredibly complex thought processes can pose a challenge for you. It means if you’re not putting your brain to proper use, you will feel bored.

3 Questions for happy self-reflection

Somehow the first half of this year has just whisked by and you now have less than 6 months left of 2013. It’s full on summer in Europe and you

3 little known problems that could affect your good relationship

Good relationship tips Discover how to overcome these 3 mysterious factors science has shown can affect your good relationship negatively.

Feeling overwhelmed? Overcome it with one simple thing

Feeling overwhelmed? Do you sometimes find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Have you got too much to do and too little time? You’re not alone in this challenge. It could be your to dos