7 ways to inject the spirit of Christmas into everyday life

At this time of the year there’s nothing better than enjoying the spirit of Christmas with loved ones. Whether you’re spending Christmas with your family, partners or friends, it’s always a holiday to treasure as it has the potential to bring out the best in us. Having it only once a year makes it even more special.

Santa's spirit of Christmas

For some it can be a challenging time remembering those that we’ve lost but we can still appreciate the amazing times we had with them and make the most out of the people surrounding us right now. It is during Christmas that I see love and hope for the future all around us – and I think this is something to do with the spirit of Christmas which we could practice more often throughout the year. So here’s my ideas on how to take ingredients from the spirit of Christmas into everyday life.

7 ways to inject the spirit of Christmas into everyday life

  1. Give generously. How about being more generous in everyday life – smiling more, giving surprise gifts to our loved ones and cooking the occasional Sunday brunch for a bunch of friends?
  2. Be patient. At Christmas our patience is tested with Christmas rush everywhere and spending more time alone with the family which can have its frustrations (disagreements, sibling rivalry, etc).How about you practice this patience more in your day-to-day life, from traffic jams, to grocery shop queues or disagreements at work?
  3. Do random acts of kindness. How about buying the person behind you in the coffee shop their cup of coffee? Or holding the door open for someone who’s not directly behind you? Even smiling and saying “Good morning” to the people you see in the morning on your way to work? Simple acts have powerful effects.
  4. Share your love. How about you try seeing your parents or siblings or favourite friends more often throughout the year? Building positive relationships through love is one of the biggest happiness boosters both for you and them!
  5. Show your appreciation. Just like you thank the chef for the Christmas meal, thank the colleague who made you tea at work. Say thank you to the people who have helped you in your life or in your career. Don’t assume they know you appreciate it, say it out loud. You can even write a thank you card.
  6. Volunteer to help. Know someone who’s struggling with their startup or feeling low? Have a creative brainstorming session with them or take them out for coffee and cake for a feel good chat.
  7. Be mindful of the present. Live in the moment. Don’t let technologies disrupt your human interactions and cherish each moment for what it is.

Which of these are you going to start practicing more actively in everyday life? Comment below with what you will actively try to do!

To celebrate the spirit of Christmas,  I will offer the first 3 people who comment on this post a free 1 hour coaching session over Skype in January 2013! That’s right – all you’ve got to do is comment below if you want to give coaching a try! :)

The spirit of Christmas


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