3 Ways to Let Go & Welcome Happiness In

When I was 18 I thought I had it all figured out. I had a clear life plan laid out in front of me and I thought as long as I followed it and didn’t let go of control, I’d be happy. As a borderline obsessive planner and perfectionist, this made perfect sense to me. I loved staying in control and staying on top of things. But, as I embarked onto my adventures in adulthood, I realised life wasn’t quite that simple. I realised I had to let go of some of that control.

When TEDxBrighton approached me and asked me to do a talk about happiness and control, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to reflect on my learnings. As a natural perfectionist, I still have times I struggle to let go of the control. Planning and delivering this talk was the ideal reminder for myself to keep practicing this.

I spent countless hours procrastinating on planning the talk because I knew there was an element of control I had to let go of in order to deliver it. I would be standing in front of an audience of 1250 people and they could either hate it, love it or be completely indifferent about it. Regardless of that, it was my job to go out there and deliver my best work.

So that’s what I did – and you can see the outcome in my talk video below. Watch it and you’ll discover my top three recommendations for letting go of control – and how these came from my varied cultural upbringing. Spoiler alert: I even dared to do my first ever joke on stage!

Now I’d love to hear from you. What is the biggest insight you are taking away from this talk? Or – what is your tip for letting go of control and welcoming happiness in? Please comment below with your insights!

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With that, I wish you good luck in your adventures & until next time!

Happy Regards,

Susanna :)


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