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You Can Buy Happiness (And Here is How)

The saying, “Money can’t buy happiness“, is true in every shape and form. As long as you have enough money to cover your basic needs, such as food, accommodation, and heating, having extra amounts of money to spend on other things does little to influence your happiness.

Yes, for sure, having some money for entertainment, eating out, and buying a few treats doesn’t hurt. But having more and more of it as your income grows actually doesn’t affect your happiness at all. In fact, sometimes having more simply creates an urgent desire to have even more.

So, in short, money won’t make you happy. But, there is a catch. Spending the extra money you do have in a wise manner will. That means that how you spend the extra money you have can influence your happiness in a positive way. That’s why today’s video is exactly about that.

In it, I share three science based tips on how you can spend your disposable income so that it improves your happiness. Basically, I’m showing you the three ways you can buy happiness.

Curious? Discover them all in the video below.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Which of these three strategies will you action right away – and how? Commit to your action plan by sharing it below.

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With that, I wish you good luck in your adventures and until next time!

With love, light and happiness,

Susanna x

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