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7 ways how being a student of life improves your happiness

Last Friday I became a student again. For real. In a university. I’m thrilled, nervous and excited. I’m thrilled to be studying exactly what I want. I’m excited about the course helping me help more people find their happiness. I’m nervous about the coursework (I’m a nerd so I always want the best grades). But what it also made me realize is that I’m a student of life already. Aren’t we all students of life everyday? Isn’t life full of challenges, rewards, and opportunities to learn, just like being a student at school is?

And just like at school, in life we should also aim to succeed. At school our measure of success was grades, in life I would say it is happiness. So how can you be the best possible student of life so that it builds on your happiness levels? Here’s what has worked for me so far.

7 ways how being a student of life improves your happiness

  1. Be open minded. An open, positive mindset improves your overall happiness.
  2. Learn something new everyday. Cherish all the different aspects of life that exist.
  3. Do something you’re afraid of. Courage gives you a real high and positive confidence for the future.
  4. Stay hungry for more. Set ambitious goals. You’re happiest when you’re growing.
  5. Take things lightly. When you take things less seriously, you’re much more bound to have fun.
  6. Remain curious. Always. You’ll find you’ll discover a whole new, exciting world behind curiosity.
  7. Reflect on what’s happening in your life. Knowing how you feel helps you make future decisions that will boost your happiness.

I challenge you to take action on these now and become a happier student of life. What action are you going to take right away or which of the points do you find resonates most with you? Comment below with your feedback!

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