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Screw Finding Your Passion – Unlock It!

screw_finding_your_passion The time has finally come to release my book on passion – and I’m super excited to be able to announce this to you! The book highlights the latest passion

7 Things We Can Learn from a Happy Kid

happy_kid Remember the time when you were a playful, worry-free kid of age 9? It was a blissful time and rightfully so. You were probably a very happy kid. Your priorities

Three Questions to Discover What is Happiness to You

3 questions to discover what is happiness Last week I had the pleasure of attending an inspirational talk by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, one of the inspirational driving forces behind positive psychology. His module on Happiness 101 was

Why Finding Your Passion is Not the Path to Happiness

Finding your passion is silly You’ve probably heard the termĀ finding your passion numerous times in your life, and often been encouraged to personally chase it. I can admit I was one of these people who

6 Happiness Life Lessons from Psychopaths

Happiness life lessons from psychopaths There are all kinds of different people in this world. You don’t know the mysteries which hide behind closed doors to the person sitting next to you on the train.

5 Keys to Living a Life with Passion [video] [infograph]

The secret to living a life with passion When you live your life you want to live it to the fullest. You want to feel joy and excitement daily, and you want to keep that fire inside of

The Science Behind a Happy Relationship [infograph]

The science behind a happy relationship Discover what is the science of a happy relationship and how you can start putting it into practice right away.

8 Surprising Facts on the Science of Happiness [infograph]

Science of happiness Since the year 2000, positive psychology, known as the study and science of happiness, has been shining a lot of light on what makes you happier and helps you perform

3 Strategies to Keep Your Passion in Control [video 3 of 3]

How to keep your passion in control When you find your passion inside of you, and let it lead your life, it can become so powerful it takes control of your life. Just like with most things

How to Discover Your Passionate Way of Being [video 2 of 3]

How to pursue a passionate way of being A few weeks back I introduced one of the latest new theories in positive psychology: pursuing a passionate way of being. As I explained in that video blog, you can