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When and How to Say No [infograph]

when_do_i_say_no Sometimes saying no can be the hardest thing in the world. Follow this flowchart and it will be easier (and perhaps even more fun) to say no.

Happiness Is Not…

happiness_is Happiness is not what you think.

How to Find Happiness in Six Simple Steps

How_to_find_happiness_happyologist Discover the three simple lessons, two practical tips and one powerful habit that will make happiness easy for you to achieve.

3 Easy Ways to Cut Your Christmas Stress

Cut_your_Christmas_stress One in 20 people in the United Kingdom report Christmas as more stressful than a burglary. Don’t let that be you. Discover 3 easy tips to cut your Christmas stress and enjoy it more.

7 Ways to Choose Happiness like the Dalai Lama Does

Choose_happiness_like_Dalai_Lama Discover 7 things you can do today to learn to choose happiness like His Holiness the Dalai Lama does.

18 Resolutions for a Happier You

Resolutions_for_a_happier_you Discover what kind of resolutions will lead you to a happier you and how tying them to goals will make them stick.

The Happyologist talks Happiness 101 on BBC Radio

Happiness 101 on BBC Last week while on holiday I naughtily checked my email even though I’d vowed to stay off it for a few days. Obviously the universe had a different plan in

5 Happiness Myths That Need to Die a Slow Death

Happiness myths When I meet new people and tell them that I’m the Happyologist, I¬†immediately get bombarded with a series of questions about what that actually means. Once I explain that I’m

13 Unique Ideas on How to Feel Happier

how_to_feel_happier Are you tired of hearing that you’ve got to exercise, eat healthy and sleep plenty to be happy? Are you already doing those things and are looking for an extra

Why I Stopped Asking What is My Passion

What is my passion Society is full of messages that we need to find and follow your passion. Entrepreneurs and startup mentors shout from the rooftops saying you need to find the answer to