Happiness is Here… Literally!

I’m starting 2018 by launching the book baby I’ve been working on for the last 12 months: Happiness is Here! It has felt like a long time coming, or at least it did for me. The last phases of editing a book are always difficult as I simply just want to get it out there.

The idea for this book was born one year ago. In December 2016, I did a happiness advent calendar which involved sending one email a day for 25 days. Each email had one specific happiness tip for the readers to do on that specific day. I got so much positive feedback for it I decided to turn it into an online course, as well as into a book. I also added five more tips to the mix ;)

The online course, titled 30 Days of Happiness, you might have heard of already. The book, titled Happiness is Here: A 30-Day Guide to Joy and Fulfilment, is now officially also here. I am beyond excited!


What is Happiness is Here about?

This book will help you to realise that you are more important in your happiness journey than you think.

Too often, we seek happiness outside of us. We think our happiness is dictated by the goals we reach and the circumstances we are surrounded by. These assumptions are both wrong.

Happiness is Here shows you what exactly happiness is and how you have the power to bring it into any moment. In it, the Happyologist (i.e. me!), a natural pessimist who trained herself into an optimist, shares 30 science-based tips that unlock your joy and up your fulfilment.

These clear and concise tips are a welcome positive addition to our hectic daily lives. Ultimately, they help you to stop, take stock, and realise that happiness is here.

Who is Happiness is Here for?

This book is for you if you want to learn the truth about happiness and feel more of it. The 30 simple, practical, science-backed tips in it are easy for you to practice in your day-to-day.

They are split into six parts, with five tips in each part:

PART I: Happiness 101
What happiness myths are holding your happiness back? How can you let go of them in an effective way? Lay the right foundation for your happiness.

PART II: Your Unique Happiness
What fuels your unique happiness? What gifts do you have to offer to the world? Connect with your authentic self in a more meaningful way and become more appreciative of who you are.

PART III: Your Perspective
How does your perspective influence your happiness? Can you change your mindset? Learn to practice positivity throughout your life with confidence.

PART IV: Your Relationships
What role do your relationships play in your happiness? How can you strengthen them so they are both uplifting and meaningful? Even learn to deal with the difficult relationships in your life.

PART V: Your Body
How can you use your body to up your mood? What kind of gestures or physical movements can you do? Test five different movements that have been proven to up your mood, both in the short- and long-term.

PART VI: Making Your Happiness Last
Your happiness journey doesn’t end here. Practice the five tips that will make it easier for happiness to organically come into your life.

Does this sound like your cup of tea or coffee or glass of juice? ;)

If yes, you can grab it here.

Better yet, if you buy before February 1st, 2018, and email your proof of purchase to info@happyologist.co.uk, you will get 80% off my online course 30 Days of Happiness OR 50% off any coaching package :D

If you know of someone who could benefit from this book, please share this with them. I need you and your help on my mission to make the world a happier place and every person counts!

With that, I wish you good luck on your adventures in 2018 and until next time!

Sending you love, light and happiness,

x Susanna

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