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Behave Your Way to A Happier You

Sometimes when you’re chasing happiness, you can get a little bit lost in your head. From thinking about what you should say to how you should think to when you should change your thoughts into more positive ones. It can get pretty overwhelming! That’s why today’s video is all about what you can DO rather than think about to become happier.

I was inspired to write it and film it after a fun talk I did to a fabulous crowd at one of my corporate client’s offices. They took everything I said in like a sponge – and the Question & Answer session was full of questions like, “What else can we do?”. That’s when I realised I didn’t want to bombard them with even more tips and insights on a more positive mindset, but instead, give them some ideas on physical actions they could do to become happier.

This is the first official how-to video I’m sharing on the new Happyologist® Channel on youtube so I’m very excited about it!

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With all that said, I wish you good luck in your adventures – and until next time!

With love, light & happiness,

x Susanna :)

P.S. If there is a specific question you’d like me to answer in my future videos or blog posts, drop it in the comments below and I’ll add it to my production calendar. Would love to hear what you would like to learn from me!

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