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9 ways to boost your happiness [infograph]

Are you ready to boost your happiness like never before? Well get ready for it. Positive psychologists have been researching exactly how to do that for over a decade now with other psychologists having researched some aspects of that for many more decades. Even though happiness is something that’s very individual to you, research has shown there are some things which seem to always have a positive effect on your happiness levels.

And since you only live once, don’t you want to live your best, most fulfilling life? Here’s your opportunity. Even United Nations thinks you should take it. After all, this is a very special week for “happiness” as on March 20th, 2013 we’re celebrating the first United Nations International Day of Happiness.

Boost your happiness

Build these 9 simple things into your daily habits and not only will you be boosting your happiness levels, but also of those around you. Remember, happiness is contagious!

Boost your happiness

What do you think of these 9 happiness boosting tactics? Comment below with your thoughts.

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  • Arjan Tupan says:

    Sounds familiar :). I’d also like to add ‘discovering/learning new things’.

    Have a great Happiness Day!

    • Arjan Tupan says:

      Hmm, or finding out that I was to quick in commenting, and making fun of myself. That also can make me happy. The growth thing covers the discovery/learning of new things, haha

    • Humour is definitely an amazing tool in boosting happiness… You might use smiles, laughter or jokes to spread those positive vibes. As long as it’s working for you & the people around you, that’s all that matters! :)

  • Margarita says:

    Wonderful happiness boosters! Short and up to the point – exactly what a person needs when you feel that not very happy mood is approaching :) Thanks a lot!

    • Thanks Margarita – Glad to hear you find them useful :)
      They have been tried & tested so pick the ones you enjoy the most to use in your life (or all of them if you fancy it!).

  • Dolgorjav says:

    Thank you Susanna.

  • Alex says:

    The ‘Do What You Love’ mantra can be a great source of unhappiness for people. Steve Job’s said this… but neglects to accept that in order his ‘do what you love’ to happen there has to be a whole heap of people doing less-lovable jobs in order to create his existence paradigm. For every successful business owner, DJ, producer, director, actress there has to be 1,000 cleaners, cooks, drivers, factory workers, waiters to serve the needs of these people. Imagine those people at work thinking “this job is boring, I’m wasting my life not doing ‘what I love'”… It turns a dull job into a very depressing certification in failure. So get off the high horse and stop making people feel bad for doing jobs that are… “jobs”.

    • Hi Alex – I agree that “Do what you love”, if misinterpreted, can be a source of unhappiness (just like anything that is misinterpreted). Personally I don’t believe anything is a ‘less-loveable’ job because in fact I know people who love their jobs across professions (including cleaners, cooks, etc).

      I think the misconception is to think that all e.g. business owners, DJs love their jobs and none of the people in service jobs do. I believe you can create a heaven out of hell, or a hell out of heaven – and that’s each person’s choice. Hence why I set up Happyologist to hopefully inspire, encourage & help people to find their happiness & success, regardless of who they are or what they do.

      You might also enjoy my latest blog post on 5 Keys to living with Passion ( as it highlights how you can take control of your passion & happiness in your life daily.

      Hope that clarifies a little bit & don’t hesitate to drop me a line at if you’d like more clarification :)

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