5 Keys to Living a Life with Passion [video] [infograph]

When you live your life you want to live it to the fullest. You want to feel joy and excitement daily, and you want to keep that fire inside of you alive. That’s what I refer to as passion! And to celebrate the UN International Day of Happiness this Thursday 20th March, I wanted to create a special blog post focusing on passion, one of the big contributors to your happiness.

Recent research on passion has not only tied passion to joy but also a sense of energy and freedom. Now you might be getting worried, thinking “I don’t know what my passion is!”. Well the other good news is that passion doesn’t need to be tied to one activity or one thing, but you can choose to express is all across your life. In fact, directing your passion across many pursuits is how you live a happier, more fulfilling life that’s also balanced. To find out the rest, watch my TEDx talk from TEDxRussellSquare from February below. Enjoy!

As you might have gathered from the video, passion is something that’s very important to me and my happiness. Because of this, I like to have something that always reminds me to make the choices that are right for me so that I can bring out my passion more. I think the infograph below does a nice job summarising the keys to living a life with passion. Why don’t you print it out and put it somewhere where you can keep an eye on it too as a reminder?

Find happiness through passion

If you enjoyed this post, please do share it, pint it, tweet it, like it – I appreciate it! We need to start a whole passion movement and share these keys to help people live more passionate lives full of happiness.

Now go live your life fully with passion. Good luck in your adventures & until next week!

Happy Regards,

Susanna :)


  • raj says:

    Thank you Susanna.
    Most of us keeping looking for our passion but your whole life can be lived with passion. Live to your strengths.



  • Alex says:

    What if you’re a million different people from one day to the next?

    • Hi Alex – it’s true you are very dynamic through life which means you are forever evolving.
      However the things which often stay very constant are your values, beliefs and strengths. That’s why if you use those to guide the direction in your life, and use them in your different activities, you’ll be happier, more fulfilled and also perform better.

      If you want to chat about it more drop me a line at susanna@happyologist.co.uk :)
      Maybe a coaching session might also be something you’d like to discuss? A lot of my coaching clients come to me with similar questions & I’ve helped them gain some clarity & confidence in who they are. I’d love to help you achieve the same!

  • Great talk and love the infographic. Some really useful and effective reminders

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the talk & infographic Leanne, I’m so pleased to hear that! :)
      Good luck at putting it into practice!

      P.S. Did you know I also offer coaching & workshops for coaches to help them use positive psychology tools with their clients to improve their happiness & performance? Drop me a line if you’re interested to find out more at susanna@happyologist.co.uk :)

  • Fab says:

    Hi Susanna,

    your summary is simply wonderful!!

    You are a Genius because

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” by Leonardo da Vinci.

    All the best!

    Fab, greetings fro Italy.

    • So glad to hear you enjoyed this Fab!
      If you want to explore this in more depth I recently released a book on this & it can be found on Amazon bit.ly/screwfindingyourpassion. (It’s also available on iBooks, Google Play and Kobo books if you prefer those mediums – just search Screw Finding Your Passion and it will come up :)
      Wishing you all the best for 2015!

  • Natalie Jones says:

    Lovely work Sussana. I have been joining many blogs and workshops recently related to passion, had a session with Moustafa Hamid of Passion Sunday’s in Dubai. But anyway, you are really inspiring. Thank you so much.

    • Thank you for your kind words Natalie and so glad to hear you’re on a passion adventure yourself!
      If you want to dive deeper into my passion message, have a peek at my book on passion: Screw Finding Your Passion: It’s Within You, Lets Unlock It (You can find it on Amazon here: bit.ly/screwfindingyourpassionbook).
      With that, I wish you beautiful & happy days ahead! :)

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