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Why Creativity and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

Last week I saw, I felt and I awed at the impressive pieces at The Louvre. Walls were covered in paintings, rooms were filled with sculptures, and everywhere I looked there was something to be inspired by. This reminded me of the big link between creativity and happiness.

Personally, the only time I have attempted to draw, sketch or paint anything in the last decade was when I went to a wonderful art workshop called ‘Draw Yourself as a Flower‘ hosted by the beautiful Antonia Eraud. We discussed creativity, centred ourselves through meditation, and then went on to draw a flower that represented us. It was refreshing, it was different, and it was fun.


Since that workshop, I’ve started to open myself up to the idea of being more creative. Being at The Louvre last week pushed that button even further. That’s when I decided to dive a little bit deeper into exploring the link between creativity and happiness. I was delighted though not surprised to find so many positive connections between the two.

I discovered that being creative can:

  • Lower your stress and anxiety levels.
  • Improve your mood and general wellbeing.
  • Bring you to the present and help you focus better.

So why does all this magic happen when you pick up a pen or a paintbrush to create something? For one, it allows you to express yourself and your emotions in a different way. This is refreshing and can really help you to bring a new perspective onto the table.

It is also very rewarding because you are physically seeing yourself create something. You fill a blank page with your creation. This automatically gives you a sense of achievement and makes you feel like you are using your time wisely.

Last but not least, it simply feels good and makes you happy. You get back in touch with your childlike self and you allow yourself to create without an agenda. You simply create for the pleasure of creating.

That’s why today, I want you to think of one creative pursuit you could immerse yourself in this weekend to explore this link between creativity and happiness. There are no rules what this creative pursuit is – it could be sketching, drawing, painting, colouring in a colouring book, writing poetry, writing fiction, photography, or doing whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing.

I would however urge you to pick something that you perhaps haven’t tried before or at least done for a while. Sometimes this is where we are often able to create without inhibitions and without that self-critical perfectionist voice that sometimes comes to spoil the day. If you ever hear it coming in when you are creating, just tell it, “You’re not needed here today”, and simply let it go. I find it helpful to also have relaxing music in the background, a scented candle, and a nice hot cup of herbal tea to help create the right mood.

So that’s my challenge to you. Do something creative this Saturday that involves you creating something purely for the pleasure of it!

If you want to let me know what it is and how it goes, feel free to comment below or send a tweet @SuskyH, tag me on instagram @SuskyH, or post it on the Happyologist® Facebook page if you want to share :)

With that, I wish you the best of luck in your creative endeavours and have fun with them!

With love, light & joy,

x Susanna

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