The Magic of What If…

Over the last few months, I’ve started working on my third book again. You might remember I worked on it last year but realised the direction wasn’t right so I dropped it. I thought, What if I just let my creativity guide me again? So I did.

what if
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After that, I stopped focusing on writing a book and instead let my creativity set the outcomes. That ended up being writing blogs, writing articles for Psychology Today and creating two new e-courses (you might remember The Release and The Gentle Steer).

Whilst doing all that, my new book idea was subconsciously growing in the back of my mind. With the arrival of the new year, my inspiration slowly started to come back for it. So I went with it.

After six weeks of finetuning the idea, I have a draft title, subtitle, summary, and, in fact, a book proposal with the first 5000 words of the book ready to go. And then… nothing.

Crickets. Silence. A blank mind. An empty heart. No inspiration.

I totally froze again.

Until this weekend.

As I was doing a digital declutter of my laptop, clearing old notes and files, I came across something.

I came across Alan Watt’s three-minute speech on What If Money Was No Object. I didn’t even know it was there and, to be honest, I don’t even remember watching it. But I’m glad I watched it again.

The ‘What if‘ of his speech hit home with me. It helped me realise exactly what had been holding me back with my book. Having self-published the first two books I’ve written, I’m nervous about going down the publisher route. I’m scared of losing control of my voice and I’m worried they will just try to make me fit into the current market trends. Both of these things, along with probably many other subconscious fears, were holding me back from continuing writing my book.

That’s when I realised I had to ask a few ‘what if’ questions of my own to get my inspiration back for my book.

The What If’s I Needed to Say

What if I wrote without worrying if the book would be a bestseller?
What if I wrote without worrying what the publisher wants?
What if I wrote without worrying about the current book market trends?
What if I wrote without worrying about how much money the book might make?
What if I wrote without worrying whether someone had already written what I was about to write?

What if I wrote as if I was self-publishing the book, calling all the shots and saying exactly what I wanted to say?
What if I wrote as if I was writing for pure pleasure?
What if I wrote exactly what my heart was yearning to say?
What if I wrote as if I was telling stories to a dear friend?
What if I wrote my truth?

So, that is exactly what I’m doing.

From now on, I’m writing without worries and with pure pleasure. I’m writing without fear and with empowered inspiration. I’m writing simply for the sake of writing.

This is the power of the What if question when used right.

Now, ask yourself this: Is there something you need to use the What if questions for?

I encourage you to give it a try. It might work wonders.

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