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How to Stop Procrastinating in 20 Seconds

how to stop procrastinating Procrastination prevents your growth, productivity and your happiness. It’s frustrating when you keep putting things off, and later you realise how you haven’t achieved the things you wanted to achieve

Why Learning Through Play is Effective (and Fun!)

Learning through play When was the last time you played like a child? Maybe you were playing with lego with your niece, or maybe you were playing Trivial Pursuit with a group of

How Suffering Can Lead to Positive Change

Positive change from bereavement Last weekend I was honoured to hear Professor Stephen Joseph, the leading researcher in post-traumatic growth, share his wisdom on how instances of suffering can in fact lead to positive

Find a Way to Never Ever Give Up [video]

Find a way to never ever give up Do you have a dream? Something that you’ve always wanted to do but never prioritised it enough? Or maybe something you’ve already started working towards? Whatever the dream ¬†is, whatever

3 Steps to Unlock Your Strengths to Grow and Perform

How many times at school, university or in your workplace have you had that conversation around focusing on developing your weaknesses? For me these conversations are countless! Funnily enough, focusing

The Minimalist Guide to 2014 New Year Resolutions

The 2014 Guide to New Year Resolutions All of a sudden you realise it’s the last day of 2013 and another year has just whisked by. You think about all the great things you’ve achieved, all the

Nelson Mandela Quotes on Living a Fulfilling Life

Nelson Mandela Quotes on living a fulfilling life Last week the world suffered a great loss as the inspirational Nelson Mandela passed away in Johannesburg at the age of 95. He was a man of many wisdoms and

3 Ways to Grow Through Emotional Intelligence

Grow your emotional intelligence Last week I attended the very sought after talk in London by Daniel Goleman, the founding father of emotional intelligence. He spoke about how you should¬†“see life as it is,

6 Steps to Help You Reach Your Life Goals

Six Steps to Help You Achieve Your Goals Do you want to achieve the life goals you set for yourself? Of course you do, that’s why you set them as goals! So why is it sometimes so difficult

How to excel despite deadline stress

Panic Meter You have been there. You have suffered from deadline stress. It could be at university, at work or even getting your car serviced. There is a looming deadline right around