How to excel despite deadline stress

You have been there. You have suffered from deadline stress. It could be at university, at work or even getting your car serviced. There is a looming deadline right around the corner. There is so much to do and so little time. Stress takes over. You panic. You freeze. You procrastinate. You find 101 other things to do. And then the situation looks more like the image below…

Panic Meter

Well hold on there. You can choose to take control and overcome the deadline stress. These are my personal tips on excelling despite deadline stress, some of which are very closely linked to the productivity tips I’ve shared on an earlier post.

7 ways to excel despite deadline stress

  1. Break your project down to smaller pieces. Tackle each piece one by one. This will make it less overwhelming and easier to act on.
  2. Start with a medium challenge task, before moving on to the biggest challenge. The medium challenge will warm you up and set you up for the bigger challenge. The smaller, easier things can be left for last as they’re probably the quickest and easiest to complete under last minute pressure.
  3. But if you’re feeling stuck with the big challenge, take a break and do some easier tasks. It’s about creating a balance. And if you’re not able to focus on the big challenge for some reason, you can continue to be productive by doing some easier tasks, and then returning to the big challenge.
  4. Do some physical exercise before going to tackle your task. It brings your energy level up and activates your brain so you’re ready for the challenge.
  5. Take regular breaks. Do some stretching, drink enough water and have some healthy snacks. And do not ignore your sleep – without your sleep you won’t produce quality work!
  6. If you’re feeling really stressed, put some good music on and dance! Loosen up your body and get back into a more positive frame of mind. (P.S. My favourite for this right now is Treasure by Bruno Mars.)
  7. Recognise that you’re not alone in this situation! A lot of us suffer from deadline stress because we like to be challenged and hence we take on a bit too much. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Just get practical about it and get to work.

Do you have any tips on how you excel despite deadline stress? Or which of the tips above is most beneficial to you? Please comment below with your feedback – I really look forward to seeing it!

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