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Habits for success

habits I recently came across an inspirational post from Zen Habits on building habits for success. We all have goals and ambitions in life but we all know sometimes it gets tough on the drive there. Life is all about enjoying the journey and not only the destination, so what if we built some good habits to enjoy that journey more?

You see top athletes and even top business leaders doing this. You see them go through a routine, a habit, before an important competition or at the start of a presentation. You see dressage riders warming up their horses in a specific routine to set their and the horses’ bodies and minds ready to perform. You used to see Steve Jobs following his routine in his product release presentations.

Habits take over 21 days to develop if repeated regularly. Once we have established a habit, it uses relatively little brain power as it’s already been built into our systems. This also means that when we are tired, we’re more likely to fall into our habits. And this is where the importance of good habits lie!

And what defines good habits, or habits for success? It’s one that makes us feel good. It’s one that makes us go to bed at peace and get a good night’s rest. It’s one that makes us want to get out of bed in the morning. When we have good habits in place, we’re creating habits for success and happiness. We’re less prone to stress and save our mindpower for important things.

Having positive habits in place doesn’t mean we go around not thinking about what we do. A big part of happiness is also doing them mindfully – consciously paying attention to what we’re doing, feeling and experiencing. So here’s a few suggestions on some habits for success from Zen Habits. But remember, different things work for different people so do what works for you best. The key is that you feel better and happier as a result.

Examples of Habits for Success

  •  Wake up early. You’ll avoid distractions and you can start the day with whatever you want. Enjoy the peace and quiet when the world is still asleep.
  • Over-commit. Take the challenge, push boundaries and say yes to more things than you’re comfortable with. Stretch, learn and grow.
  • Talk to strangers. Build new relationships. Make new friends. Create new networks. You’ll never know who might be sitting next to you in the train.
  • Be generous. Share your time, knowledge and ideas. You’ll get a lot more than you give in the end. You’ll help others who’ll value  your help. They’ll tell others and you’ll build a reputation.

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