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Acts of Kindness

Have you ever thought about the effect acts of kindness have on you? Am not talking about receiving them, but actually doing them.

Many happiness and positive psychology experts have found that this is one of the foundations of creating a happy, fulfilling life. Nic Marks mentions giving and generosity as one of the top 5 ingredients to happiness. Martin Seligman talks about having a life with meaning – what better way to do this than by helping someone out?

Acts of kindness could be anything really – from making a cup of tea to the colleague next to you to spending 10 weeks helping build houses in African communities. You could also look into volunteering, either as a one-off activity or something you want to commit to regularly, for example mentoring the Girl Scouts.

I’ve had the privilege to work on a project that makes one-off volunteering easier: the +U mobile volunteering application. This is now available in the UK at Google Play (Android Marketplace – search Youthnet +U) and the open source code has also been released which means any organisation can adapt the app to suit their needs.

So if you’re in the UK – you’re lucky to get a head start with the app. Have a look below on what this great project is all about – I hope it will result in lots of positive change!

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