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7 ways to energise your life [infograph]

Do you come home from work feeling exhausted and often resort to being a couch potato for the evening on front of the TV? This is no fun! It’s time to energise your life with some simple activities! As we’ve just enjoyed a long weekend in the UK, I’ve felt reminded of how important it is to sometimes switch it up and do some new or unordinary things to refuel your batteries. Not only will you feel more fulfilled and rested, but also more energised to get back into work!

Research has shown we spend the most of our time in our life sleeping, the second most working, and the third most watching television… Isn’t this scary? Especially as most of what’s on TV is either negative, unrealistic or useless. Occasional romantic comedies, insightful documentaries and funny TV series all have a time and a place – but they shouldn’t consume all of your leisure time! I think it’s time you made a decision to commit to some activities which energise you and help you live a more fulfilling life.

So what kind of activities are more likely to fuel your energy? Activities that you enjoy, are healthy, help you grow, and involve interacting with others. This infograph will give you a few ideas to get started!

7 ways to energise your life

7 ways to energise your life

What would you add to the list or which of these will you commit to doing tomorrow? Comment below!

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