3 Questions to Do Your Year in Review

I can not believe another year has flown by. Time just seems to go faster and faster every year – and I have no idea why! This speeding of time also makes it harder for me to make the time to stop and to reflect. Which is why today I want you to do exactly that: do your year in review.

Set some time aside for you to do your yearly reflections. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to sit down and reflect on your year. Pick up a nice journal you have and use your favourite pen. Use pen and paper rather than your computer because you’re brain will find it easier to think creatively and your soul will appreciate you physically writing these things down.

Light some scented candles, put out some of your crystals, grab a glass of herbal tea (or celebratory champagne!), and put some healing music on. Turn it into a nice year in review ritual you can start to do yearly from now on.

You can write about anything you want, or you can use these three questions to guide you:

1. What are the achievements you are most proud of this year?

2. What are some of the most beautiful moments you have experienced this year?

3. What are your biggest learnings?

I can start the creativity juices up for you by sharing some of mine.

The achievements I’m definitely most proud of include doing my ‘Screw Finding Your Passion’ talk on Dutch TV, doing the Happyologist.co.uk rebranding so it now really looks like me, and signing a literary agent who believes in me.

Some of the most beautiful moments I’ve had included a crowd of 400 people cheering loudly after my talk at the Brainwash Festival in Amsterdam; feeling my heart burn like no other time when watching my nephew’s swim lesson with my brother; a meaningful embrace with my partner during a frosty dog walk in the park; and a training session where Mickey’s trot had so much cadence it felt like we weren’t touching the ground.

When it comes to learnings, there are two that keep repeating themselves, again and again, probably because I haven’t learned them sufficiently well yet. First, take care of yourself before you take care of others. Second, be yourself, wholeheartedly and fully in every way possible everywhere you go.

I hope that has given you some inspiration for your year in review reflections. Really pay attention to what they are and why, because by looking at your past you can make sense of the present and plan for a more fulfilling future.

Remember to be kind, loving and appreciative of yourself and everything that you have experienced in 2016.

Now go – and make time to reflect.

That wraps up my 2016 posts and I can not wait to share more happiness insights with you in 2017.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday period and lots of love, light and happiness as always!

xx Susanna <3

P.S. If you miss me, you can follow me on instagram @SuskyH, Facebook @Happyologist.uk and twitter @SuskyH where I tend to post almost daily.

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