The Power of Your Vision – and Letting It Guide You

Every year, I start the year by exploring what I want this year to be about. I take my time and I let the vision for the year come to me. I drop all deadlines, I ignore all “shoulds”, and I really try to connect to my intuition and let it guide me into another fulfilling year.


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Before I became the Happyologist, I used to only set goals. I knew what I wanted to achieve by the end of the year. I knew once I’d set them I would work hard at achieving them. Yet, I quickly realised, this wasn’t enough.

Yes, I would work hard and yes, most of the time I did reach those goals. But, those achievements came at a big cost. I ran around like a madwoman obsessively running through my to-do list which I knew was getting towards my goals. I ran so hard and so fast that I rarely took the time to stop. When I did take a moment to stop, my body and mind crashed. I quickly realised I was burning out. In reality, I was totally missing the point of life. I was missing the joy of the journey. To be frank, I was missing the whole bloody journey.

That’s why my approach to setting goals has changed. Yes, I still set them because I like to know where I’m going and why. But the goals I set today are baby ones compared to the massive beasts of goals that I used to pressure myself with. I’ve also learned that it’s not about getting to them as fast as possible. Instead, it’s about having as much fun as possible on the way there.

To ensure I remember to enjoy that journey fully, I do three specific exercises at the start of every year. They all have a big role to play when it comes to creating a clear vision of the kind of journey I want to have and to enjoy.

Three Steps to Creating a Vision For Your Year

1. Create a vision board.

Get a handful of your favourite magazines out and get ready to rip them apart. Have some scissors and glue on hand, as well as a big poster paper or 2-3 pages of A4 paper. Then, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe. Try to connect with your soul and hear its voice. Use mantras or a visualisation guided meditation if you’re a fan of these. Whatever you do, just ensure you are connected to you.

Then, start browsing the magazines. Rip or cut out any colours, pictures, words, or anything that pops out at you from the magazines. Try to let your heart lead you rather than your mind. Don’t overthink your choices but trust your gut. Do this for at least 15-20 minutes if not longer. You will know when to stop. You will feel ready.

The final step is to put it all together on one board. Just put it all on it and, again, try not to overanalyse it. Some of the things might not make sense to you right now but they will in the future. Just enjoy the mix of the things that you picked up and spend some time looking at it when it’s done. Then, when you’re ready, put it up somewhere you can see it every day. For example, I have mine in my wardrobe so everything I open the wardrobe doors and get dressed, I look at it and am reminded of my vision for the year.


2. Pick three themes for the year.

Miisa Mink, the founder of Driven Woman, recommends you pick three themes for the years. These are not goals or activities but themes you want to have running throughout your year. They can be as specific or as abstract as you want. For example, last year my themes were writing, horses, and relax.

For 2018, my themes are slow, flow, and glow. I need to slow down and live more mindfully. Less rushing, more waiting. Less busyness, more empty spaces.

I also want to flow more. I need to learn to stop over-pushing and to start flowing more. This is all about trusting the universe and that everything is going exactly as it’s meant to be. I want to flow with the pace of everything rather than trying to change it.

Last but not least, I want to glow. A full, warm, wholehearted Susanna glow. I want to glow with confidence, with contentment, and with trust. I want to infect others with my positivity glow.

Now it’s your turn. What are your three themes – and what do they mean to you?

3. Pick a word for the year.

Ever since I became an avid fan and follower of Susannah Conway, I’ve picked a word for the year. It’s the icing on the cake on top of all the other exercises I do get my vision crystal clear. This year, my word is balance.

I’ve got my goals, I’ve got my vision board, I’ve got my themes, and I’ve got my word. Now what? Now… I simply enjoy.

I check-in with the goals I’ve set monthly, I peek at my vision board daily, I journal about my themes weekly, and I keep my word front and centre. The rest is spontaneous.

I carry on with life as I always do and I let my vision guide me. I open my doors to opportunities and I trust that everything is exactly as it should be. I’ve planted my vision into my subconscious but I also check-up on it consciously.

I’m ready for whatever’s coming my way. I bet you are too.

Sending you light, love and joy,

x Susanna

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