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Five Christmas Gift Ideas that Boost Your Happiness

It’s nearly December and the Christmas vibe is clearly in the air. I’ve started planning for the holidays that lie ahead and I’ve been brainstorming Christmas gift ideas for all my loved ones. I love it! I know the holiday shouldn’t be all about gifts and buying things – but at the same time I can not help but enjoy giving people things that make them smile. That’s why this post is all about Christmas gift ideas that are designed to boost your happiness.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

My five favourite Christmas gift ideas are all about giving your loved ones something that has the power to up their mood in more ways than one. Let’s dive straight into them:

1. Give an experience.

Give them tickets to a performance, a dinner for two, a cooking class, or a spa treatment. Experiences are incredibly powerful happiness boosters because you excitedly anticipate them, you enjoy them when you actually have them, and then you also reminisce about them after they’ve happened. Objects or things are less likely to create this triple positivity boost because once we have them and the novelty factor wears off, we struggle to appreciate them the way we used to.

2. Give something that helps them to grow and learn.

As a human being, you naturally love to learn and to grow. That’s why giving someone¬†something that helps them to grow is happiness boosting. It could be as simple as a self-help book or as evolved as a full-on coaching package. You could even gift them with an online course they are free to enjoy or take part in whenever they want. Give a gift that will help your loved ones to learn and you’ll not only boost their happiness but also their likelihood of success.

3. Give a personalised gift.

Giving something personalised shows that you’ve put thought into your gifting process and that you really care. A mug with a personalised message, a T-shirt with a funny quote, or an engraving on a gift from their wish list are all simple touches that have a massive impact. Every time they pick up that gift, it will remind them of you and your special relationship with them. It’s guaranteed to make them smile more than once.

4. Give them a homemade gift.

Bake some cookies and put them in a beautifully presented jar. Knit some woolly socks for them to stay warm in. Give a well-designed voucher that says you’ll make a three-course homecooked meal for them. All of these things are simple and cost-effective yet also very fulfilling – not only for the recipient to receive but also for you to give.

5. Give them your mindful presence.

This is the simplest and most powerful gift of them all. Put your smartphone in aeroplane mode and lock your laptop away. Forget taking Instagram worthy pictures and focus on savouring every moment of the present.

Remember it’s not about how much you spend (if anything!) but about the thought that goes into the gift.

For more inspiration, here are some final words on gifting with thoughtfulness:

To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.”
~ Oren Arnold ~

With that, I wish you good luck in your adventures and until next time!

Sending you love, light, and happiness,

x Susanna

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