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5 reasons not to worry and be happy

Have you ever wondered how much time you’ve spent worrying about your outfit, your projects at work, the future? Have you also though how silly the concept of “worrying” actually is? So as Bobby McFerrin put it, “Don’t worry, be happy”. Here’s the top reasons not to worry and be happy.

5 reasons not to worry and be happy

  1. Life is precious. Don’t waste time worrying. Be happy and enjoy the present.
  2. Whatever it is, it will pass. Smile and get over the hurdle. The quicker you do, the quicker it will pass.
  3. Happiness is infectious. Why not spread happiness instead of worrying?
  4. Worrying causes wrinkles. Smiling results in a great glow.
  5. The minute you stop worrying is the minute you start enjoying life.

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