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Creating Happy Habits Masterclass

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Want to improve your productivity, success rate and happiness - but not sure how?

Are you tired of trying to embed new habits into your life - and failing at your attempts time after time?

This course is your opportunity to get back in control of your behaviour and the kind of change you want to create in your life.

It is the perfect course for you if you want to understand the following about habits:

  • What they are
  • Why they are essential
  • How they are formed
  • Which ones boost your productivity, success and happiness
  • How to replace bad ones with good ones
  • How to create new good ones
  • What helps you to succeed with your behaviour change

The course is NOT for you if you're looking for a quick fix and you're not ready to put some hard work into it.

Habit change takes effort, determination and time - and only you can bring those to the table.

To understand why this course is so important, watch the video below to discover three habit myths that hold you back from successful change:

The course is made up of the following six videos to help you to get to grips with creating positive behaviour change in your life:

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Introduction to Habits
  3. Productivity Boosting Habits
  4. Creating New Habits
  5. Succeeding with Habits
  6. Conclusion

Each of the videos are between 5 to 40 minutes long, making up a total of 2 hours of interactive content. The lessons are a mix of me talking on camera as well as over slides.

The content of the course is a mix of quotes, scientific research and practical tips for you to take to introduce effective habit change into your life.

This is what previous participants have said about the course:

"Thank you for an insightful, engaging and purposeful course. The content clearly had a wealth of pragmatic benefits and tips - and you left me with no doubt in my mind that I can choose my habits and sustain them!"

"Engaging, interesting, insightful and fun. I definitely finished the course with a 'Yes, I can!' mentality about habit change!"

If you like the sound of that, then this course is definitely for you.

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