Your Perfect Day

The other day, someone asked me to describe my perfect day. In fact, it was a question on a card that comes from the Conversation Toolkit produced by The School of Life. One of my soul sisters is particularly fond of the toolkit and likes to use it during group conversations. It’s quite fun and you do end up learning a lot about each other.

So, without further ado, here is mine.

your perfect day

My Perfect Day

I wake up naturally just before dawn. As I open my eyes, I can see the sun slowly starting to make its way in. Still lying in bed, I hear our pup Bond snoring. I know the minute I step out of bed onto our old, creaky floorboards of our converted barn, he will be wide awake. I lie in bed for a moment enjoying the cosiness. Then, I get up and get dressed. As I make my way down from our first-floor bedroom, Bond is waiting at the bottom of the stairs. I greet him with a smile and a cuddle. He returns the greet with a lot of tail wagging and enthusiastic face licks. That is my morning face wash complete.

I pull on my hat, jacket, and waterproof hiking boots. I grab the leash and we make our way outside. It’s a beautiful, frosty, autumn morning. As we go for our usual walk around the local vines and forests, the sun starts to make its way up. We stop to admire it in the usual spot where it spreads a golden glow over the valley. It’s breathtaking.

We make our way home. Bond gets his well-deserved breakfast and I grab a thermos of herbal tea with me as I head to the stables. The stables are quiet. The horses have been fed, the stalls have been cleaned, and there isn’t a soul to be seen. I say good morning to my Mickey and prepare him for our ride. We start it by a stretchy walk amongst the vines. Mickey is a little fresh with the cold but still calm and relaxed. We make our way to the indoor arena for our training session. Throughout it, it feels like we’re floating above the air in perfect harmony. It’s bliss.

I cool him down, put him back in his stall, and make my way home. I have a simple lunch with my husband whilst Bond remains asleep on my feet under the table. After, I head to the study for my afternoon of writing. I work on my book. I play with some poetry. Finally, I interact with my loving community online. My creativity is flowing and my feel-good vibes are high. I feel fulfilled with the day’s work.

Before dinner, it’s time for Bond’s evening walk on the other side of the valley. My husband and I call this the ‘Newsonen Family walk’ as we try to do the evening walk together as often as possible. Bond chases some deer, jumps in the stream, and does some happy sprints on the way back up to the house. After all, he knows he’s about to get dinner. As for me, I go upstairs to shower and get ready for date night. My husband and I head to our favourite local restaurant for some savoury delights.

Once we’re back, we have an old fashioned cocktail by the fireplace. It’s cozy and comfy. It’s the perfect way to end the perfect day.

Your Perfect Day

Now, it’s your turn.

If you were to describe your perfect day, what would you say? What would the day entail? Where would you be? Who would you be with – or would you be alone (nothing wrong with that fellow introverts)?

Would this perfect day be in a particular season or would the weather be something specific? What kind of things would you see or notice around you? Would there be any particular scents or smells? Would you hear something particular, like your favourite songs, birds singing, or the water splashing?

How would you feel on this perfect day? Ecstatic and giggly? Or calm and content? Or, would you feel a bit of everything throughout the day?

Think about it. Brainstorm it. Journal about it. Meditate on it. Draw it.

Don’t worry, you won’t be held accountable for this perfect day for the rest of your life. It may be that tomorrow or the day after or next year, your day would look a little or a lot different. That’s ok. Our visions, hopes, and dreams evolve just like we do.

When you have some kind of description or visual about this day, think about how you could make it happen. If this sounds too big or complex, think about what you could bring from your perfect day into today. Even the smallest things make a difference.

What could you do today, tomorrow, or this weekend to bring a little more of that wonderful day into reality?

P.S. If you need help with figuring out what you would like your day to include, The Gentle Steer might be for you.

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