What I’m Most Looking Forward to…

It’s day I don’t know what of lockdown and, in all honesty, sanity has started to flow out of the window a bit. That’s why I’ve decided to look ahead and imagine what I’m most looking forward to when this is all over.

looking forward to

After all, there are only so many house, garden, and cleaning projects you can do in a few months. Eventually, boredom and fatigue kick in. That’s ok.

That’s when it’s time to take a break. To take a breather. To do something different or to do nothing at all.

Frankly, doing nothing at all has been a struggle for me myself as I’ve really started to miss the things we aren’t right now allowed to do. Sitting still has been hard, and focusing my energy and mind on projects has helped me to distract me from everything I miss.

But I can’t distract myself any longer. Also, I don’t need to. I can accept the fact that there are many things I miss and, more importantly, I can look forward to doing them again. That in itself is healing, calming, and boosts your joy.

So, without further due, here is what I’m most looking forward right now:

I’m looking forward to…

Riding my horse whenever I want however often I want.
Taking my pup for a walk around the lake.
Going for a date with my husband in our favourite local restaurant.
Hugging my friends.
Taking a plane to go see my family.
Doing a girls trip with my mom.
Shopping for groceries without shortages.
Having friendly conversations with strangers.
Taking a trip.
Having freedom.

That’s just it. I miss my freedom. I miss being able to do whatever I want whenever I want. Never before did I know what a luxury that was.

Yet we, you and I both, just need to stick with it. We have to be brave and bold. We have to remind ourselves this is for the good of everyone. Yes, it feels hard now, but it will get better and it will end. It has to.

One thing is for sure though. I will never ever take these things for granted again. I will cherish them, savour them, and be grateful for them. Every single day.

Stay safe my friend. You and your health matters.

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