This is Your Permission Slip

Permission is a funny thing. You wait for all of your youth to grow up, to become an adult, and to finally be able to give it to yourself. Yet, when you’re there and you want to give yourself that permission, you struggle. The voices of your parents, the expectations from society and the beliefs that have been ingrained in you, come in the way.

permission slip
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You want to walk your own path, live your own life and do what makes you happy. Yet, you also desire to respect the rules of society and make the people you love proud. You want to be a good girl (or boy) – but not at the expense of making yourself unhappy. It’s a tricky thing to manoeuvre and it’s easy to try to run away from it. Yet, by doing that, you’re hurting everyone including yourself.

You’re hurting your loved ones because you’re not showing up fully. You’re not being honest and truthful about who you are and what you want. You’ll feel miserable and that misery will rub off on the people around you. That isn’t fair on them or you. So don’t do it.

Learn to give yourself the permission to be you. To do you. To speak your truth. To live your life.

Give Yourself the Permission…

To stand tall when you’re being challenged. To stand still even when others try to push you. To speak up when you’re being wronged. To defend those who are being treated poorly.

To smile when you’re feeling good. To cry when you’re feeling sad. To shout when you’re feeling angry. To laugh when you’re feeling funny.

To speed up when you’re feeling high. To slow down when you’re getting dizzy. To sit still when you’re feeling low. To rest when you’re tired. To run when you’re bursting with energy. To just flow when things are on the go.

To ask for help when you need it. To deny advice when you don’t want it. To have alone time when you yearn it. To socialise when you need the buzz.

To eat when you’re hungry. To drink when you’re thirsty. To meditate when you feel frazzled. To breathe when you feel overwhelmed.

To love without reservations. To heal without holding back. To let go without holding on. To release without looking back.

To give with generosity. To receive with gratitude. To say thanks for the silliest things. To say no to the wrong things. To say yes to the right ones.

This is your permission slip.

This is your permission slip to do all of the above and more.

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